'Scandal' Premiere Sneak Peek

Kerry Washington hints at what's in store for her character, Olivia Pope, in Season 3.
4:28 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for 'Scandal' Premiere Sneak Peek
Season three premieres tonight. And this morning, ms. Washington is here with us. Thank you. You, as always -- the gladiators are out in force. They are. They've been waiting. Last we saw you, olivia pope, you were in the back of the limo. Yeah. This character that we have been seeing all season long and didn't know he was your father. I know. You were as shocked as everybody else. I had no idea. The actor who plays my dad, he knew. But I had no idea. When I got the script for the season finale, I turned to the last page of the script. And I saw those letters, d-a-d. This is my father? That's where we start this season premiere is in that car with my dad and i. And we pick up moments after the finale. That's exactly it. Let's play a little bit because it's just moments after. And you're back there in your office. And you've already been discovered to be the mistress of the president. Well -- some might call it that. Some might call it the love of his life. That's true. Or both. Here's a clip from season three. We do, what's our first move? We do nothing. It's being handled. Everybody go back to work. Business as usual. Business as usual? How is that possible? Pick up the phone and call our clients. We're as dedicated to them as ever. What? You're not going to talk about the fact that you're the most infamous woman in america. In the world. It's bei handled. By who? The white house? Some of your co-stars have back off, lara spencer. She's such a groupie. She's an original gladiator. I know you can't give away t much. It was interesting when even you, in reading script, and knowing what shonda rhimes and company have stor tha r week, it's a rollercoaster ride. And we feel lucky to be on this show. We feel like we have the most th not holding back. Te gog it, week after week. We'r ask to do and the story linat charact are through. It's really inspiring. I won time.3 & peo are always respected your work. And you had reservations. Nominated for an emmy for it. Why did you have reservations? I never made this kind of commitment to television. It's so much work. It's harder than I ever worked before. To do 22 episodes of a full season. 17 hours a day. It's so fulfilling because the writing is so good. Once I read the script and i thought, oh, my goodness. It's shonda rhimes. This character, this show. It jumps off the screen. All the many things that you're involved in. And you're very philanthropic. And you have been giving in just of yourself. And "people" magazine named you one of the most beautiful -- best-dressed women in the world. And people have been screaming and asking you. There's an important reason why you're wearing that dress. Th dre was designed by my friend, tory burch. And I wore it because it's pink. Here at "gma," we're going pink for breast cancer awareness month. And my mother's a breast cancer survivor. That means very much. All of the things you're involvin. Ca you saw each other last night. Last night together at a saks event. We got together over the weekend to watch the episode. We're very close. We really are like a family. It might be hard for people to imagine that. As much as we ar friendemies on the show, that we're trying to adore each other. And -- okay, lara. You want to come in? You can come in now. Hello, lara. Lara is wearing olivia pope white. I know. You are a delight. Thank you for being so generous. Thank you fo havin me. I hat we get to share the

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{"id":20456576,"title":"'Scandal' Premiere Sneak Peek","duration":"4:28","description":"Kerry Washington hints at what's in store for her character, Olivia Pope, in Season 3.","url":"/GMA/video/scandal-premiere-kerry-washington-sneak-peek-20456576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}