'Scandal' star on series finale: 'We're going out big'

Kerry Washington tells "GMA" she and her costars "don't want to leave anything on the table" as they bring the hit TV show to an end.
6:35 | 10/05/17

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Transcript for 'Scandal' star on series finale: 'We're going out big'
Everybody here, everybody here is so excited. Our audience is excited. We're excited here at the desk to bring out our next guest, she is a four-time Emmy nominated actress and one of tgit's leading ladies. Please welcome Kerry Washington. Hi. Good morning. Hi. Hi. Hi, lie move. Welcome back. Nice to see you. Good morning. Good morning. Thank you. Hi. Mwah. Hi. Am I here? Okay. Hi. Everybody here is excited to see you. I'm excited to be here. Is it really -- is it really happening. As far as I know, as far as I know. Well, we have to relish every moment then. We are. I have to say we are having so much fun because we know it's our last season and we don't want to leave anything on the table. We are really like going hard, going strong. Big. We're going out big. Speaking of leaving nothing on the table, can you -- Uh-oh. I watched the show and never seen one person's life with so many twist and turns. Any story line you are excited to close out? Oh, wow. I don't know how to answer that without spoilers but -- Go ahead. I mean to be honest, we all are kind of guessing how the show ends because we don't know. We really -- You really don't know. There used to be an ending and then the real world of politics turned upside down and so what we used to think was our -- She told me she had the end. Yeah, no, it's who knows what it's going to be now. It's crazy. Yeah. First one is out. Olivia more powerful than ever but papa pope a little worried. Let's take a look. We are a team. You don't play team sports. Never have. Not well anyway. Dad, it's my turn. I'm changing the rules. This is what I'm doing is better. You are look likes into the window of my past. You are me no matter how much I tried all I could create was me. Nightmare. It's true. Papa pope is cold-blooded. He is. He is not your model parent for sure. I don't look to him -- he is a dream but papa pope is -- I want to you share. I love the tradition you do before you kick off each episode when you get in there and start taping. At the very start of every episode I scream very loudly, I have no inside voice. I scream very loudly whatever episode number it is so episode 701. It's surreal. I remember doing it for episode 101 and here we are back like seven years later. It's crazy and also, you know, we're closing in on the end. Every episode we finish we know we're getting closer to the end which is so surreal. How do you think it will be taping that last episode. I don't know. It's like people asking me what it will feel like braking up with a boyfriend I'm still in love with. I don't know what it's going to be like. That was deep right there. Sad. Talk about the finale. There is a beginning for you because I understand your son is turning 1. Yeah. Happy birthday to him. Thank you, thank you. It's great. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's today. It is. But I love this. I heard that on your birthday, instead of receiving gifts you actually give gifts to your parents. I do. I feel like even though I was born on that day they did the heavy lifting. It's also a really great day for me to make inappropriate humor to my parents and they can't do anything about it. Because I'm like, thanks for getting it on. So -- It's a really cool idea. As soon as I read that I thought we should all be doing that. I probably read it somewhere but I mean I have extraordinary parents. My parents, hey, Earl and Val, they're just dreamy. They're fantastic. I mean they're actually visiting in L.A. And everybody is so happy when they show up. You know, they look forward to my parents visiting. I've just read articles what a strong influence your mom has been on you. Very special. What's next for you when is is all over. What is the next chapter. There's a couple of different things in the works mostly through my production company, yeah, so we have a couple different films and theater and television so I'm not sure which will be first but it's all stuff I'm looking forward to. It's hard to think about what's next when you're really -- With that boyfriend you love. Yes, exactly. I have a suggestion. Uh-oh. We'll throw it back to high school days, a cappella club. Triple trio, maybe you knew, your a cappella group. If you were to create that, who would you love to sing with? Oh, my gosh, wow. Well, tomorrow you're having one of my favorite people of all time. Lin-manuel and I would sing anything and anywhere with him so he's one of my faves. Would you ever do Broadway musical if he called on you? I was in one of the original workshops for "In the heights" before it went to Broadway. On "Gma" you learn something new every day. I was doing a workshop for "In the heights" and I said I got though call back about this movie for Ray Charles. Want to find a backup for the workshop. I did ray and he became a superstar. It all worked out. Well, you know, we're happy you're here, but we're sad that you're here to talk about the final season of "Scandal." It is surreal but let's just remember this is the beginning of the end. So there's a lot of fun to be had. 18 episodes and we're not going to disappoint. We're going to bring all the heat. Come back and talk about it any time you want. We love having you here. I will, for sure. Please do. Or when you tape the finale. I would love that. Notice you're in all black for mourning. I am mourning the last season of Urbanski skab. It is the final season of "Scandal." Tune in. Tonight, tonight, everybody

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{"id":50294043,"title":"'Scandal' star on series finale: 'We're going out big'","duration":"6:35","description":"Kerry Washington tells \"GMA\" she and her costars \"don't want to leave anything on the table\" as they bring the hit TV show to an end.","url":"/GMA/video/scandal-star-series-finale-big-50294043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}