Behind the scenes of the 2017 American Music Awards

The excitement will start right away, with Kelly Clarkson and Pink opening the show with a duet, and much more to be expected.
2:48 | 11/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the scenes of the 2017 American Music Awards
We're just hours away now from one of the biggest nights in music. The American muse you can awards airs right here on ABC. There's a star-studded list of presenters and winners. Marci Gonzalez joins us with more. Reporter: Good morning. So much to look forward to from the performances to the hosts. One of the hilarious stars of "Black-ish." She's promises nostalgic watdrobe changes in on nor of a very meaningful music icon. Host Tracee Ellis Ross helping roll out the red carpet. Her mother, Diana Ross, getting a lifetime achievement award. Making the show a family affair. To experience that and let just take in that moment of my mom and her extraordinary career being celebrated. And honored. And then, the fact that I'm hosting kind of takes that to another level. Reporter: Pink and Kelly Clarkson opening the show in a highly anticipated performance. The pink performance seems impossible that show would top anything she's done before. I do believe this year that will happen. Reporter: Pink planning to scale a skyscraper. This is Birks far, the craziest, most insane thing, I have ever attempted to do. Reporter: Giving fans a sneak preview many her rehearsal Friday night. Pretty amazing. She's up there dancing on the side of the building. Reporter: Selena Gomez, another performance to watch for. Her first since undergoing a kidney transplant. I think people will be there rooting for her. I will be. This is the first big performance since getting back with Justin Bieber. Reporter: And vocal powerhouse Christina Aguilera singing a tribute to Whitney Houston. For the 25th anniversary of the if I M, "The body gard." Bruno Mars leading the pack with eight. I think he'll come home with the prize. Reporter: He's up for artist of the year. The second most nominations are five each. The list of performers go on and on. Lady gaga, Nick Jonas, and imagine dragons are performing. The consensus on the desk is that Bruno Mars is generating the best performance. He is so good. Remember the super bowl from a couple of years ago? Thank you, Marci. She's sitting there waiting for us to shut up. She's listening. Captivated. That's what they're saying in the control room. As a reminder, catch the American music awards here on ABC at 8:00 eastern.

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{"id":51255189,"title":"Behind the scenes of the 2017 American Music Awards","duration":"2:48","description":"The excitement will start right away, with Kelly Clarkson and Pink opening the show with a duet, and much more to be expected.","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-2017-american-music-awards-51255189","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}