Behind the Scenes with the Cast of 'Nashville'

Act 4: Robin Roberts goes on location with the cast, including Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton.
7:28 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes with the Cast of 'Nashville'
Back biting divas, check, fantastic music, check. Heart break and heart ache and everything that makes a great country song, check. What else could we be talking about except nashville, the hit series and the city. Reporter: Nashville, tennessee. It's where country music comes alive. And now music city is the new hollywood. Are you serious? Reporter: And its main star? The hit abc show, "nashville." Welcome to country music. Reporter: Where original music provides the soundtrack for all the soapy goodness of a primetime drama. I was about to step into the spotlight myself, a chance to play a scene in the show. But more on that later. You see, nashville is not only the name of the show, but this city itself provides the real life iconic backdrops. From the historic ryman auditorium. All the greats have been through here. Reporter: To the honky tonks of broadway. We're going to see sights and scenes that are filmed on the tv show today. Reporter: The show has become so popular that it inspired its own gray line bus tour of the real-life locations in the fictional drama. But the most famous real-life set is the legendary grand ole opry. Chip esten plays the complicated and conflicted deacon claybourne. For this musician and actor, the opry scenes resonate the most. It's always been real special to me that the very first scene I was in in "nashville" took place right here at the grand ole opry. There's nothing like it. This is the heart of country music. Reporter: Hayden panettiere plays sassy singing sensation juliette barnes. Don't talk to me. I'm in character. Reporter: I sat down with her in the parking lot. Good to see you. Reporter: Well, make that the fake parking lot of the very real and very famous blue bird cafe where some of country's biggest stars got their start. This is my first time playing at the bluebird. Reporter: Like a young taylor swift. And the legendary garth brooks. The town itself has become a character -- oh, yeah, absolutely. Reporter: -- In the show "nashville." What is it like filming here, and how the people here receiving the show? People come up to you. And the kindest thing that they could say is, "thank you so much for representing our town well." You could offend a lot of people. You could not do it properly. You know, have a funky accent that they don't like that isn't realistic. And the thru line country music is -- is honesty. So we have to keep it honest, keep it real. This interview is over. Reporter: In fact, the show strives for extreme authenticity. The bluebird cafe is needed so often the show built their own version on a sound stage. Even the tiniest detail is a big deal, from cracks in the seats to the photos on the walls. The cast showed us some of their favorite sets. Welcome to gunnar and will's house, formerly scarlett and gunnar's house, formerly avery and scarlett's house. It's been a lot of houses. Don't you believe a word out of his mouth. Would you like a little tour? Some amps, some guitars. Is there anything in this? We can pretend there is for the television. Reporter: British actor sam palladio plays struggling musician gunnar scott. I mean, I think it's a pretty cool apartment. There's some good art. You know, the art directors try and -- try and keep it local and try and throw lots of local artists. And I think it's a pretty cool space. Another thing that's pretty cool is that they have, like, all pictures of us. All of our actual pictures of all of us. Yes, that is really us. Reporter: Real-life sisters lennon and maisy stella play the jaymes family daughters on the show. Once famous for their viral video, these girls are now famous for taking their youtube success and turning it into acting careers, singing on the show, and even in real life, on the stage of the opry. Connie britton plays their mom, rayna jaymes, the heart of the show. Well, I'm not ready to hang up my rhinestones just yet. Reporter: Connie is famous for playing strong women. She's showing strength in a new way. You have to sing. I did. Sing well. It's a different experience for me than pretty much all the other actors in the show. Everybody else in the show, they are just all singers in their own right. They're incredible. For me, I'm not really sung in years and I had never recorded anything. I mean, I had sung on stage before. And it had been a long time. Reporter: A long time, indeed. All the way back to high school. Oh! Reporter: "Hello, dolly!" That's hilarious. That's from the "hello, dolly!" Souvenir program from my performance of "dolly" at e.C. Glass high school in lynchburg, virginia. Rah, rah, rah. In your high school yearbook, it said that as far as your acting career, that you weren't going to make a career out of it. Right, I know. I really do, still to this day, look back at my life sometimes and I'm like, wow, it is really cool to realize that, you know, in no sort of cliche way, dreams can come true. Reporter: "Nashville" has had a dream list of real talent making real cameos. We've had vince gill. I've got to say, I'd never thought I'd see the day. Brad paisley did a cameo on our show. Is he okay? It's part of the show. Reporter: And now it's my turn. Time for me to shoot my cameo. Yes, I have rehearsal. Sorry. Oh, she's got to go. Reporter: I've got to rehearse my lines. I was ready to shake off my fears and step through the looking glass onto the show. These are our stand-ins. This is so hard. So we have to have stand-ins for the lighting and everything. It's a madhouse. And action. You're a mom, a recording artist. Yes, I have a new label, highway 65 records. In fact, my first artist is here with me today. Scarlett o'connor's right over there. Reporter: It truly takes a village to make tv magic seem to easy. What is it about this town? There's just an openness and a generosity that I've found amongst the people here. And I've -- I kind of get the feeling from the people that i get to spend time with here that everybody is sort of here with a little nudge and a wink saying, "we hit the jackpot," you know? Coming in at number two on our countdown of the greatest country duets of the two country music legends and one very catchy song. The year was 1967. Johnny cash and june carter cash were going to jackson. ♪ ♪ my favorite country music duet has to be johnny and june doing jackson. It's just the consummate marriage between two people that you love and a great country. Which country classic will top our countdown?

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{"id":20798937,"title":"Behind the Scenes with the Cast of 'Nashville'","duration":"7:28","description":"Act 4: Robin Roberts goes on location with the cast, including Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton.","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-cast-nashville-20798937","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}