Behind the scenes at CMA Fest

Go behind the scenes as country music fans convene in Nashville, Tennessee, for the annual four-day musical event.
3:10 | 08/16/17

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Transcript for Behind the scenes at CMA Fest
So we're going to turn now from the glasses, the eclipse to country music's big night. The cma bringing some of the biggest stars to ABC. Diane Macedo with us. Taking us behind the scenes, lucky girl. Oh, yeah, so this is like a country music buffet. You're talking the biggest names playing their biggest hit all in one place but after hanging out backstage it's tough to tell who is more excited. The fans or the performers. ??? Reporter: It's music city mayhem. This is like the creme de la creme of country music. Reporter: From across the globe taking over Nashville for the annual cma music festival. Nothing like feeling the electricity of the stadium full of country music fans from all over the world. It's cma fest, it's so anyone everywhere around the world. Reporter: The lineup a country fan's dream come true. Every chart topper in one venue from Brad paisley to Dierks Bentley, even classics like Garth brooks. It's the kind of party Luke Bryan looks forward to every summer. Gosh, I had enough fun for ten people last night. You need to teach me the dance. The dance? The dance, oh, oh. How am I doing. There you got it. Reporter: Thomas Rhett is taking on hosting duty as long with his former tour mate kelsea Ballerini. I feel like we have a different perspective. We came as fans. You come full circle. We both went to where we sat as fans and had a moment of oh, my gosh. We get to do this. Are you sick of each other yet. No. I'm sick of her but -- Well. ??? I can use the love ??? Reporter: Maren Morris says she's honored to represent the women. Getting to do my own set this year and be a woman on that stage is really empowering. Reporter: Newcomers like Brett young perform at the riverfront by day and sometimes earn a spot on the big stage, Nissan stadium by night. I think as an artist you build your bucket list and that was one I hadn't even -- it wasn't going to happen yet this year. Reporter: But one of the most coveted tickets in town isn't just it a concert. What's up, y'all. B.K. And Tyler. Florida Georgia line? They have opened their own four-story restaurant in downtown Nashville just in time for cma fest and we got an all access tour. You come here three or four times and not see everything. This is one of our favorite levels. We can observe the party and take it all in. Let's go eat. Say good-bye to that too. Makes me want to dance. Food and drink brings people together. Reporter: A week of nonstop fun all over the city, even backstage. Maybe just a big fist bump. All right. ??? Collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand-new invention ??? ??? there will be time enough for counting when the deal is done ??? You got to talk to Kenny Rogers. And I got to sing with Kenny Rogers. I think I forgot I was working in Nashville but it was such a great show and the good part is it airs tonight,:00 P.M. Eastern on ABC so now everyone gets to enjoy it. We all will. Thank you. That was so fun and we'll be

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{"id":49241302,"title":"Behind the scenes at CMA Fest ","duration":"3:10","description":"Go behind the scenes as country music fans convene in Nashville, Tennessee, for the annual four-day musical event. ","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-cma-fest-49241302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}