Go behind the scenes of the latest 'Bachelorette' episode

ABC News' Ginger Zee takes "GMA" viewers behind-the-scenes as Rachel Lindsay searches for love.
2:22 | 05/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Go behind the scenes of the latest 'Bachelorette' episode
Back with a behind the scenes look at last night's "Bachelorette" episode jam packed. If you saw it, celebrity guests and a very special one close to Rachel's heart. It was fun, games, a pool party and a bombshell. As the bachelorette searches for true love. Hello, gentlemen. Ashton Kutcher and mila Kunis led off with a parent challenge obstacle to test the bachelor's daddy skills and ended with him shoving his way to the finish. Get out of my face. Andn this. I'm husband material. Yeah! Reporter: But it wasn't the vaboom that reached her heart but romance. Her one-on-one date with Peter, the first one to get out of the limo on opening night. He is dreamy is probably the perfect word to describe him. There was no doubt in my mind to pick Peter for the first date. Reporter: But men get butterflies too. Nerve-racking. My Tom dropped a little when I found out I would be the first date. Reporter: A dream date. A day trip to Palm Springs by private jet, of course, with a surprise guest. I told him my best friend was coming on the date and out walks or out runs, hops copper is my dog, my little dog child. Welcome to bark fest. It was a pool party for pups and their friends. And he loved it and copper warmed up to him which is important to me and it was fantastic. Like the day could not be going any better right now. Reporter: Copper raising big questions with bachelor nation. What happened to his leg? The pup already a huge hit with bachelor fans coast to coast. And he's got a comment on every contestant vying for Rachel's heart. And we were just talking. Everybody wants to know what happened to copper? Well, after the episode Rachel gave us an update tweeting inquiring minds want to know what happened to copper. He broke his toe jumping off of something so not too dramatic but glad to know. And you saw Ashton Kutcher and mila Kunis. Ashton said it's their guilty pleasure. It means white wines, vodka tonic and turn on "The bachelor" or "Bachelorette." I'm with them. They legitimize everything I do. So a new one right here on ABC. You know we're all Cindy: Cloudy and cool out there

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{"id":47714540,"title":"Go behind the scenes of the latest 'Bachelorette' episode","duration":"2:22","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee takes \"GMA\" viewers behind-the-scenes as Rachel Lindsay searches for love. ","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-latest-bachelorette-episode-47714540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}