Screaming Dog Causes Fits of Laughter

Josh Lara and Sam can't get enough of this dog's strange version of a bark.
2:26 | 06/04/13

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Transcript for Screaming Dog Causes Fits of Laughter
We rolled out something brand new brand new all you know I guess. I was in the middle of the meeting trying to concentrate and I so when did you see if did you see -- -- -- -- -- All of the day when it comes my friends and -- errors call have been. Go to this screaming dog and we holy -- And invited to life. -- -- Warn you in case you have sensitive ears. Yeah. OK I feel like -- Television. Okay. Please make -- giant Internet superstar -- -- you. Yeah. Right now right now is definitely a staggering -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- -- I -- my -- greatest moment that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not ours I had -- connected -- when she did something they haven't -- don't like I don't like today it has been an. But that's only part -- we put this up on him Yahoo!. Don't look at it -- academies and cat stalking me in -- -- This just -- sets up. -- very important on the -- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Larry we -- -- here will you we won't we find anyone. Spend the -- of an -- year. Dick -- That we have him where I. -- --

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{"id":19321267,"title":"Screaming Dog Causes Fits of Laughter","duration":"2:26","description":"Josh Lara and Sam can't get enough of this dog's strange version of a bark.","url":"/GMA/video/screaming-dog-fits-laughter-19321267","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}