NYC Kid Knew 'K-N-A-I-D-E-L' Would Bring Spelling Bee Win

Arvind Mahankali discusses his big win at the popular and highly-contested Scripps Spelling Bee.
2:40 | 05/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYC Kid Knew 'K-N-A-I-D-E-L' Would Bring Spelling Bee Win
Let's talk about a young man with a bright future ahead of him. Yes. Boy did he give us tremendous theater last night, we are going to go to the winn-i-n-n-e-r of the all time american favorite, the scripps spelling bee. Tough words to spell all day and night long. Those kids knew their stuff, and boy was the competition fierce. The 13-year-old from new york city proved a third time really is the charm. K-n-a-i-d-e-l. Knaidel. Basking in the glow of his winning moment. He is soaking it all in. The aspiring physicist shyly cracked his knuckles. That belied the tough as nails competitor. Last two years he finished in third. Both times foiled by words derived from german. I have been cursed by the german language. Instead of giving up he std harder, this year the time came to spell the word meaning leavened bread. Knaidel, may I have the language derived. German derived yiddish. He is living proof if you don't succeed, try a third time. I had the pleasure of speaking with him this morning. Coming in third the last two years, how did it feel to finally have that confetti fall on you? I wasually very excited, because I had the championship. At that time, it didn't really register that I had won. You faced your nemesis there, words derived from german, when you heard knaidel, did you know you had it won? Yes. Because I had studied knaidel previously. I see the trophy behind you. It looks pretty big and awfully weighty, I understand yesterday you were doing some rather intense preparations just in case you were the one who lifted it. What were you doing? I just lifted a couple weights just when the time comes I'd be prepared. I tell you what, you are a shining example what a wonderful future we have before all of us. Congratulations to you, the 2013 scripps national spelling bee

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{"id":19295031,"title":"NYC Kid Knew 'K-N-A-I-D-E-L' Would Bring Spelling Bee Win","duration":"2:40","description":"Arvind Mahankali discusses his big win at the popular and highly-contested Scripps Spelling Bee.","url":"/GMA/video/scripps-spelling-bee-arvind-mahankali-knew-knaidel-bring-19295031","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}