Secret to Scoring Big Holiday Shopping Deals Revealed

Beat retailers at their own game, win big deals by avoiding impulse shopping.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Secret to Scoring Big Holiday Shopping Deals Revealed
The holiday shopping season is in full swing. And so are high-tech tactics by retailers to get you to spend big. But you can beat the stores at their own game and save big. Our becky worley shows us how to do it. Reporter: Christmas shopping. It's you against them. You want a deal. Stores want you to spend, spend, spend. Okay, team. This is the big game. We're going to peek into the playbook of retail stores and learn their secrets so you can save and win. First secret -- they're using technology to get you to buy more. Whether it's in big chains or, here, in a small boutique. Heat mapping is a tool they use to find what products are hot. Once they know what's trendy, they take the popular stuff and sprinkle it all around so you brows everything. Next retail secret, a trick play called the group of three with an anchor. Not those anchors. The expensive item anchor. You have three coats, priced left-to-right. 100. 200. And $600. The retailer doesn't expect to sell many of the most expensive items. They're there to make the middle item look like a bargain. But where should you really be looking? Look left. The left item is usually cheaper and not that different from the other two. ♪ Jingle bell, jingle bell ♪ yeah. In-store music. They play it louder during the holidays. The crowd, and the traffic, and you get -- overstimulated. Studies show overstimulation makes us lose some of our self-control, meaning, yeah, more impulse purchases. My solution, bring your own music and ear buds. I'm going with the "charlie brown christmas album." Very calming. Much better. For "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san francisco. We asked viewers if they've been fooled by these tactics. Courtney tweeted us. And said stores will post huge percentage off distacounts to get you in the store. But checkout, tells you most of the items are excluded. And we asked people if they have secrets to scoring a good deal. And david tweeted, don't buy anything until after christmas. Gift cards. I like it. It's smart. You get the gift card. And you give your person your gift -- it goes a lot further. And it doesn't get regifted. We'll get into that. Let's talk about the hottest

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Beat retailers at their own game, win big deals by avoiding impulse shopping.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21205783","title":"Secret to Scoring Big Holiday Shopping Deals Revealed","url":"/GMA/video/secret-scoring-big-holiday-shopping-deals-revealed-21205783"}