Secrets of an Identity Thief

Convicted felon points out a few mistakes people make that can turn them into identity theft targets
5:58 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Secrets of an Identity Thief
Socially how to replace Oprah we're gonna have that Carter is easy to get into without somebody seeing. You're in the backseat of a car for a guided tour local crafts not only an easy to get injured but they're easy to deal with a convicted identity. This conflict along credit cards to build companies she's spilling her devious and devastating secrets and not shabby because. Look editors growing at a time to supplement the GW kind of power vs aren't momentum Paula. Alice not her real name has agreed to drive around with Doug should Dell I don't know how people sleep at night during this kind of thing a long time fraud investigator now with the AARP's. Hungary have any kind of fraud scam you can possibly imagine after years chasing identity thieves and con artists he decided to do something it seemed. No one else had tried asking him a convicted bad guys themselves shelling how they doing to his surprise of many where love to talk. Don't leave your pin number here all she knew where. All the places where ago how long they were going to be gone. The easiest car to break into they stole 900000 dollars at the last three month run that she was doing well. She had a little group of IDs and oh the guy who. Knew how to swipe all the laptops and put him up but the cloud that was quite a little posse of ID thieves. Indeed is being maddening problems affect more than sixteen million Americans every year to the tune of 24 point seven. Billion dollars that's billion with a speech in losses. Even worse. We're all its risks even if you think you're doing everything right just look at the headlines every week seems to bring news of another company getting hit or risk customers from. Formation target. Tebow Saks Fifth Avenue on the list just keeps going. It's not just high tech hackers going after big companies these can set up big Wi-Fi hotspots for you to logging. Were there are some gamers who just surreptitiously swipe your card on a card reader like this guy thought enough about who drive through. Identity theft is the biggest property crime in the United States any it is. High tech low tech no tech. Identity that has becomes eligible part of everyday life. Hollywood Milton movie around it this is the criminal story as it. Move with Melissa McCarthy's playing the title role in identity thief and running up plus torching cabins someone else's name. Not even sure where to even start it's a lot less funny in real life that data movie came out Amy Krebs discovered she was a Vick. Him I will never forget that feeling you're looking at your credit report. And scrolling down. My name is not that mean I live at an address I work at those employers I don't have accounts at these companies. The battle she is waged to reclaim her neem her good credit everything. Now covers her dining room table. And utility companies were very popular we have stores. Where goods were purchased online. Really there's no threshold for what a criminal with your Social Security number will be. When someone's identity is stolen what primarily discussing want to do with what they're trying to do is use your good credit worthiness. For themselves most of the time what they're doing is taking over your existing accounts. And using them. Just to buy stuff for themselves and and either expensive or they salad or whatever. In the case of art beef Alice. Some of her favorite targets and simple stuff often right out in the open just sitting on a car seat. And I actually guard has always been a regular like numbers my car window made when the backpack have been that usually a lot of problems just like but it's just. That is when polygamy and that's always live. Even easier and less risky yes sort of feeds shopping aisle available in every. Freetown bonus rewards is it's coming Paulson now and I walked into the house and female Melbourne. Because I don't look like I'm terminal. She's really are an astute observer of human behavior yes. Yes I think that's what con artists have in common the capacity to put yourself inside the mind of the other person. Long enough it's like he's in Scituate they're casing your brain innocent and so they all have that that what they don't have is the sympathetic aspect of empathy. Tis did not steal from you. With so many thieves just like Alice walking among us what's an upstanding person to do it for starters get a lock down your mailbox. Read important documents before tossing. And sign up for online access to all your account so you can keep a close eye on him. You half to encrypt. And protect the data on your computers your lap tops your Smartphone everything you have it is so easy to steal an identity. It's so difficult to fix it. Amy says she doesn't know how she became a target for an identity beef but she filed a police report. And the cops actually caught a suspect who live nearby and who later pleaded guilty. But fixing all the damage is still a work in progress. I have yet to uphold my credit reports and not see some fraudulent activity on them you have to. Proves it then you are who you say you are to a greater extent than that criminal ever had to do to be giving goods and services. There's an old saying no thy enemy. Doug should else thought he knew he is until he spent some time driving around with one you learn new tips drive it around whether absolutely. Oh there's no question about I've changed my own behavior I Neal Karlinsky for Nightline. In Seattle.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Convicted felon points out a few mistakes people make that can turn them into identity theft targets","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26424198","title":"Secrets of an Identity Thief","url":"/GMA/video/secrets-identity-thief-26424198"}