Secrets to Living Longer: Tips to Improve Skin, Waistline

Dr. Jennifer Ashton reveals surefire tips from her book, "Your Body Beautiful."
3:44 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Secrets to Living Longer: Tips to Improve Skin, Waistline
It's get to have "gma" senior medical correspondent, dr. Jennifer ashton here. She's here with your book, "your body beautiful: Clockstopping secrets to staying healthy, STRONG AND SEXY IN YOUR 30s, 40s And beyond." It's out in paperbook. And she's going to tell us two things to improve our skin and our waistline. Dara torres and dr. Oz have singled your book out as being phenomenally valuable to them. It meant so much to me. What sets it apart? There's a lot of things that work. And there's a lot of information that people are aware of. It's putting it into practice in very simple, easy toimplement, five-week plans. It's effective and easy to do. It becomes a habit. And that's the key. Is it only for women? The book is written, directed at women. But we're finding a lot of women are reading it. And saying to our spouse or partner, you know what? You should try this. And some of itorks for men, too. The first thing you say is a dead give away of our age is our skin. And the number one thing we should be doing is exfoliating? As we get older, our skin turnover goes down. You need to cleanse, you need to exfoliate and you need to moistu moisturize. You can buy a device like these. There's a range of prices available. Or you can use salt or sugar at home. For moisture, go to the natural and pure. Go to the salad aisle in your grocery store. I have all of these in my bathroom. Coconut oils, safflower oil. Sunflower oil. It gets immediately absorbed into our body. The skin is the largest organ of the body. You're reading a lot of ingredients you can't pronounce, you don't want to put those on your skin. My face? Try it. No breakouts. Immediately gets absorbed. What about argan oil? All of these can be good, in finding out what works for you. Try these first. They're very inexpensive. You'll save hundreds of dollars a year. Moving on for the face line. I want to quote catherine deneuve. That people of a certain age, is forget your fanny and focus on your face. That's right. Can you be too thin? And doesn't that also age you? You can. And absolutely. That's one plus of getting older. EVEN IN YOUR 30s AND 40s. I talk about a five-day, two-day eating plan. It's not a diet. Monday through friday, you're going to be superstrict. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Avoid the bad carbs on the weekend. You get to reward, reset, renew, recharge. You want a bagel? Pasta, pizza? All of it? Over the course of a year, the math wins. Five days beats two days.Ur metabolism gets reset. And the weight will come off, safely. And it will sustainable. I've done this. My husband has done it. My kids have done it. It's worked for so many of my patients. It's pretty easy. And very quickly. How can you tell if you're too thin? What should your body weight -- I think we have to strive for inner health. When people start to say to you, boy, you look really thin. Understand that type of thinness does not often mean beauty, youth and good health. You can look a little too -- too -- right. All right. Thank you so much, jen. It's fun to talk to you. "Your body beautiful" in paperback and bookstores now. And coming up, sam, with the animals who have been given a

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{"id":18238201,"title":"Secrets to Living Longer: Tips to Improve Skin, Waistline","duration":"3:44","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton reveals surefire tips from her book, \"Your Body Beautiful.\"","url":"/GMA/video/secrets-living-longer-tips-improve-skin-waistline-18238201","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}