Security Experts Warn Ransomware Attacks Will Grow in 2016

Intel Security experts say they detect more than 13,000 ransomware threats per day across the globe.
2:39 | 12/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Security Experts Warn Ransomware Attacks Will Grow in 2016
We're back now with "Gma on the lookout" this morning. An urgent warning about ransomware. Malicious software that hackers use to take over your computer and hold your personal files hostage. Experts say ransomware attacks will be on the rise in 2016 and ABC's Linzie Janis has what you need to know to protect yourself. Reporter: Threatening messages like these appearing across the country at an alarming rate. And a police department in Massachusetts. Our information was held hostage. Reporter: Demanding a $500 ransom or lose their data. The best option for us was to pay the ransom. Reporter: Here in Intel security's war room, experts detect more than 13,000 ransomware threats a day across the globe. Very often a user installs ransomware when they get an e-mail from what looks like a company that they would do business with. Reporter: Take this phony U.P.S. Message used as ransomware. If you were to click on any of the livings it would download and install the ransomware/malware that would encrypt and hold your files for ransom. Reporter: Experts say ransomware can also attack your phone. We see examples where a user can receive a phishing e-mail on their phone and inif he can their mobile device. Reporter: This fake bank message claims it has important information about your account, but click here and your phone would be infected. Your reputation can be held for ransom, as well. Reporter: One victim even received a message demanding a $200 payment to stop false information about child pornography from being sent to colleagues and contacts. Robert herjavec is a partner with Intel and says it's one of the greatest threats he sees. Everybody is vulnerable today. Reporter: Still, he says, don't be powerless. Make sure you are backing everything up. There's so many cloud services even on your iPad phone you can back up all your pictures and all your data, make sure you're doing that. Reporter: And he says, unplug that backup drive so it's out of hackers' reach and always use anti-virus software and a fire wall made by reputable companies. And experts tell us these cybercriminals are expanding their targets seeking to take over your smarttv, even your video conference calls. The FBI says if you receive a ransomware pop-up or message on any of your devices you should immediately disconnect from the internet and call the police. Amy and George. Call the police. All right. Linzie, thank you. I've gotten one of those once. It's a scary thing. We got a lot of work to do before 2016. Thank you, Linzie.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Intel Security experts say they detect more than 13,000 ransomware threats per day across the globe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35506236","title":"Security Experts Warn Ransomware Attacks Will Grow in 2016","url":"/GMA/video/security-experts-warn-ransomware-attacks-grow-2016-35506236"}