Selena Gomez Takes Time Off Due to Lupus Diagnosis

The singer has been traveling for her Revival World Tour but says she's taking time to focus on her health.
3:48 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for Selena Gomez Takes Time Off Due to Lupus Diagnosis
? all night long ? Selena Gomez is slowing down. The 24-year-old hitting pause on her career saying she's stepping out of the spotlight to deal with the side effects from lupus which include anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Paula is back with more on Selena's health battle. Pretty serious side effects. This is her way of being proactive taking charge of her health. Selena Gomez was in the midst of her world tour when she realized she had not been feeling right for several months. ? The world can be a nasty place ? ? you know -- Reporter: This morning pop superstar Selena Gomez halting her revival tour to take care of her health saying in a statement "I've discovered that anxiety, panic attacks a depression can be side effects of lupus and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off." She's battling the disease again and she's feeling depression and anxiety and reeling getting her down. She loves performing for her fans but she's finally putting herself first. Reporter: The singer has been struggling with lupus an autoimmune disease for several years opening up to billboard last fall about her battle saying she'd even stopped performing to undergo chemotherapy. I've been through stuff and I think that it's been able to test me as a person. Reporter: And now the disease is testing her again. She's definitely disappointed. She loves seeing her fans and performing for them but I think she knows this is the right decision. Reporter: Gomez telling her fans, you know how special you are to me but I need to face this head on to ensure I am doing everything possible to be my best." It's unclear how long she'll be out of the spotlight but when she's ready she'll come and get it. ? When you're ready come and get it ? Reporter: Though she has had lupus for years she announced it publicly just last year. It's an indiscriminate disease affecting many people in different ways. And unclear whether she will return to her tour. Let's get more from Dr. Jen Ashton. Let's get the basics. What is lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where it attacks the skin, joint, some organs, it does affect women way more than men and it tends to strike people of color. African-americans, asian, hispanics way more than caucasian whites. The overlap with anxiety and depression unclear whether the disease itself causes that or whether some of the treatments stack the deck for those things but the story behind the story here, George, is that whether it's lupus or any chronic illness, the mental health aspects are just as significant, just as real, just as common as what's going on in the rest of the body so it's about that mind/body connection and healing the spirit as well as the body. And I was surprised to see that you use chemotherapy to treat it. The mainstay of treatment right now because, again, this is about treating it not curing it, unfortunately, there is no cure yet is what we call immune suppression using a class of medications that are immune modulators, chemotherapy is effective but takes a toll on the whole body and mind. Selena bringing a lot of awareness to it. What should you look out for? People can go to the internet to to see the complete Li list. Rash, painful swollen tender joints, extreme fatigue, swelling in the lower extremities, the diagnosis is usually made with a battery of blood tests then usually treatment and management by a specialist calls a rheumatologist and, again, no cure, but treatment, props to Selena for bringing awareness to this. Yes, ma'am, thank you very much. Jen.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The singer has been traveling for her Revival World Tour but says she's taking time to focus on her health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41759554","title":"Selena Gomez Takes Time Off Due to Lupus Diagnosis","url":"/GMA/video/selena-gomez-takes-time-off-due-lupus-diagnosis-41759554"}