Senate Democrats Lead Filibuster for Vote on Gun Legislation

Democrats spoke for nearly 15 hours on the Senate floor, urging a vote on new gun control legislation.
2:33 | 06/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate Democrats Lead Filibuster for Vote on Gun Legislation
Overnight, senate democrats took over the senate floor to force action on gun legislation. And Donald Trump says he's going to meet with the NRA to discuss ways to deny guns to people on the terror watch list. Jon Karl has all the latest. After that talk-a-thon we could see new votes as early as today. Reporter: Absolutely, George. Quite a movement in the senate and it was one year ago today that Donald Trump officially announced he was running for president and while he is in the midst of a bitter battle with Hillary Clinton over how to respond to the Orlando massacre, there is now one issue where they appear to be at least in agreement. Overnight, democrats spoke for nearly 15 hours on the senate floor hoping to shame republicans into having a vote on new gun control legislation. Having come through the experience of Newtown, I've had enough. It's been four yeerars and nothing has been done. Reporter: Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to hammer Donald Trump over his response to the Orlando massacre. So not one of Donald Trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in Orlando. Reporter: But now there may be one idea that two bitter rivals actually agree on. Trump proclaimed in a tweet, I will be meeting with the NRA who has endorsed me about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or the no-fly list to buy guns. That's a position Clinton has long supported. If the FBI is watching you for suspected terrorist links, you should not be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. Reporter: Democrats proposed the so-called no-fly, no buy bill arguing if you are on the terror watch list which includes the tsa no-fly list you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. I want to meet with the NRA. We'll be discussing it. A number of people have brought this to my attention and I understand why we should be discussing it. Reporter: But the NRA along with most republicans ha opposed to banning gun sales to those on watch lists saying law-abiding Americans are often included and should not lose their right to purchase firearms. The NRA responded to trump's request for a meeting saying, quote, we are happy to meet with Donald Trump. The NRA's position on this issue has not changed. Instead of an outright ban, George, they support a republican measure that would require a delay for anyone on a watch list so they could first be checked out before buying a gun. They could vote on that as well today. Let's talk to bill O'Reilly,

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Democrats spoke for nearly 15 hours on the Senate floor, urging a vote on new gun control legislation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39898001","title":"Senate Democrats Lead Filibuster for Vote on Gun Legislation","url":"/GMA/video/senate-democrats-lead-filibuster-vote-gun-legislation-39898001"}