Sequestration: Democrats, Republicans Play Blame Game

Both sides have made little effort to reach an agreement before budget cuts go into effect.
1:38 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Sequestration: Democrats, Republicans Play Blame Game
And the grim countdown to the massive spending cuts that will kick in on friday. Democrats, republicans, the president, congress, all pointing fingers. Abc's jonathan karl has more on the story. Reporter: Trying to come to an agreement, the two sides are playing the blame game. I don't think the president's focused on trying to find a solution. There are too many republicans in congress right now who refuse to compromise even an inch. Reporter: Speaker of the house john boehner pointed the finger at president obama. Where's the president's plan to avoid this? Have you seen one? Reporter: The president says he has a plan. In fact, the senate will likely vote on it tomorrow. But it has virtually no chance of passing. We should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. Reporter: Each day, the white house's list of terrible things caused by the cuts grows longer. Including flight delays, kids losing vaccines, and meat shortages. And now, the department of homeland security says it has been forced to release hundreds of undocumented workers back into the united states. They had been detained by immigration and customs enforcement. The president traveled tuesday to a giant military shipyard in newport news, virginia, to highlight how the cuts will hurt families and military readiness. Tomorrow, the senate will vote for the very first time on competing bills to try to replace these automatic, across-the-board spending cuts. But neither side has put forth a plan that has any chance of passing. Your sounding like a broken record every morning, jon. Hopefully tomorrow will be different. Let's turn to josh for the

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{"id":18605932,"title":"Sequestration: Democrats, Republicans Play Blame Game","duration":"1:38","description":"Both sides have made little effort to reach an agreement before budget cuts go into effect.","url":"/GMA/video/sequestration-democrats-republicans-play-blame-game-18605932","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}