Serena Williams announces pregnancy

Williams, 35, who won the Australian Open in January, is "expecting a baby in the fall," according to her representative.
4:38 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Serena Williams announces pregnancy
We are back now with that exciting baby news for Serena Williams. The tennis superstar revealing she's pregnant posting this photo, but now there are big questions about what's next for one of the world's greatest athletes. T.J. Holmes is here with more. Hey, T.J. Stra, stay with me. Being pregnant, winning a grand slam tight. Now, I've never done either but I hear both can be challenging. Apparently Serena Williams did them both at the same time earlier this year. That's right. She was about eight weeks pregnant when she won the Australian open. Game, set, baby for Serena Williams. The world's best tennis player posted this photo of herself on Snapchat Wednesday appearing to show off a baby bump with the caption, 20 weeks. But then just as the congratulations starting pouring in from fan, fellow players and celebs she deleted the Picasso. Her rep now Kong firms the pregnancy and says Serena is expecting a baby in the fall. Which means that back in January when she beat her sister Venus to win the Australian open and set the grand slam titles record she was approximately eight weeks pregnant. We've always said that Serena Williams is superwoman. That she literally is a superstar. And if this doesn't prove it, nothing does. The 35-year-old tennis superstar has been engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and posted this video of the two just last week. Serena's rep says she'll definitely not return to tennis in 2017 but look forward to be back in 2018. She always bounces back. And she is going to come back in 2018 and the world tennis fan, people will be riveted to see how she can play and what she does next. Get this, guys, because of the way the rankings work she's number two in the world right now. She'll go back to number one on Monday without ever picking up a racket so that's more good news, guys, because people are hearing how amazing it was she won the grand slam while pregnant a lot of comment online. Every man should shut up about everything ever after she just pulled this off. Good universal advice. You got a better shot of winning that tennis title. I just want you to know that. Joined by Dr. Jennifer Ashton. We were talking about this. It just seems so amazing she's 20 weeks pregnant now. She won the Australian open at 8 weeks pregnant but what was her body going through in first of all, as you remember at eight weeks of pregnancy the fee tut tus is about the size of a large raspberry, the uterus is eight weeks in size, eight centimeters. Like you playing a football with a broken finger. She is an elite athlete. Her body can do amazing things, say it with me, pregnancy is not a disease. And if I hear one more story of people saying, a pregnant woman, she's so fragile. If pregnant women were that fragile the human race would have ceased to exist hundreds of years ago. Good point. I will say this at eight weeks that's when I started to feel my pregnancy and started to get nauseated and I felt pregnant. That was the line for me. But you mentioned she is an elite athlete. Are there any unique concerns when you put your body through so much? No question. Could she have been more fatigued, absolutely. Could she have been a little nauseated, absolutely. We don't have a lot of great literature in obstetrics about elite at lets and training during pregnancy but what we do know, they can continue to behave and perform pretty much at their level, prepregnant, during most of their pregnancy, sport specific, of course. We don't want to see people skydiving or do things at high speed and general recommendations during pregnancy for both the elite athlete and average woman are be active for an elite athlete, train to maintain. You won't train to build any more. She knows her body more than anyone. I'll be honest. I cried like a baby when I broke my finger. She'll be four months -- four months later will she have enough time to recover and play in a tournament. I think that's -- remains to be seen. It's Ang individual thing for most women and, you know, we have to remember we're talking about one of the most elite athletes in the world but every single day average women do incredible things at eight week, eight months and four months postpartum and doesn't make national news so a shoutout to those women. Thank you. George, I've never felt so small. Cower over here like this. I'm with you. Dr. Ashton, okay. Coming up on our big board

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{"id":46905913,"title":"Serena Williams announces pregnancy","duration":"4:38","description":"Williams, 35, who won the Australian Open in January, is \"expecting a baby in the fall,\" according to her representative.","url":"/GMA/video/serena-williams-announces-pregnancy-46905913","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}