Severe storms wreak havoc in Mid-Atlantic region and around US

Powerful rains turn the Las Vegas strip into a flood zone; monsoons in Arizona cause flash floods.
2:39 | 08/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe storms wreak havoc in Mid-Atlantic region and around US
We want to move to the other breaking story, severe weather. Utah, three children rushed to the hospital after being hit by lightning and on the las Vegas strip heavy rain causing flash flooding there as you can see in this sadio. The stormy weather forced thousands of flight delays and cancellations. Eva pilgrim is at Laguardia airport for us this morning. Hi there, Eva. Reporter: Good morning, it's a one-two punch round two of storms making travel out of new York a real headache. This morning here at Laguardia, we're already seeing delays. The world famous Las Vegas strip turn nothing a flood zone with taxi drivers standing on top of his car waiting to be rescued. Getting his passengers out. Reporter: Water rushing through to this casino parking garage, six people rescues, one person swept away. Near Salt Lake City, Utah, three young sisters hit by a burst of lightning while fishing on vacation with their father. Sending medical -- two teenagers tra were struck by lightning at Lilly lake. The father told the three young girls to go over into some trees and try to avoid the lightning. Reporter: Something experts advise you should never do. You could hear the girls. They were definitely, you know, hurting. Reporter: All three injured, their dad given two cpr. Both taken by helicopter to local hospitals in critical condition. In Arizona, I-17, a muddy mess. Monsoons causing flash flooding in backyards. Oh. Reporter: Snapping trees and power line, day two of severe weather bearing down on the northeast causing havoc at the airports. Nearly 9,000 flights delayed and 2300 flights canceled within the last 24 hours. Now, airlines are waving change fees for those passengers affected by this weather. Guys. And there is more severe weather on the way this morning so let's get it over to rob. Good morning, guys. The same line that brought over 140 reports of severe weather across Ohio, Pennsylvania, new York where there was even a tornado reported in upstate new York, that line moving across New York City through long Island getting into Hartford in a couple of hours and past the eastern tip of Long Island by noontime but maybe strengthening towards Boston 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon and clearing out after that. The next system is Hotten its heels dropping down through the plains. In the next 18 hours through tomorrow morning heavy rain expected from Kansas City, Missouri, down through spring feidin santana. Could see 4 to 5 inches. Flash flood watches posted and there's a threat for severe weather as we go through this afternoon as well.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Powerful rains turn the Las Vegas strip into a flood zone; monsoons in Arizona cause flash floods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49051862","title":"Severe storms wreak havoc in Mid-Atlantic region and around US","url":"/GMA/video/severe-storms-wreak-havoc-mid-atlantic-region-us-49051862"}