Sex in Advertisement Might Not Sell After All

New study shows that scandalous ads may not get the consumers attention, after all.
1:54 | 07/22/15

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Transcript for Sex in Advertisement Might Not Sell After All
You have a heard that old saying in advertising, sex sells. Well, maybe not so fast. Here's ABC's T.J. Holmes. I thought -- sorry about that, Amy. Here's T.J. Holmes with the story. Yeah, all right, guys. I need you to pay attention. Let's try this out. Let's say just for today I decide to do my segment shirtless. An attempt to get the ratings up. What we do here is, you start to get distracted by what's going on here and you don't even listen to what I have to say in the case of advertisers, you don't even remember the products they're trying to sell. Companies spend billions trying to catch our attention with almost too hot for TV ads like this. From babes with burgers. How zesty do you want it? To hunks with salad dressing. But Ohio state university researchers poring over four decades of data finds sex may not always sell. It just makes me feel better. Reporter: Like that Carl's Jr. Ad, 10 million people watched it during this year's super bowl but one firm suggests only 27% of viewers they asked plan to visit the fast food chain. Steamy. Reporter: And after some objected to Kraft's shirtless pitchman, their zest Ty Italian salad started featuring radishes. Having sexy ads is backfiring. Not only people are becoming more immune to it it rubs viewers the wrong way. Reporter: Viewers found if they don't turn people off, it turns others on, so much so they forget what product the commercial is even for. I have no idea what that ad is for. I just noticed that there was somebody provocatively dressed or gyrating. Clouds my judgment of what the product is, definitely. That's it, not even take off

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{"id":32612862,"title":"Sex in Advertisement Might Not Sell After All","duration":"1:54","description":"New study shows that scandalous ads may not get the consumers attention, after all.","url":"/GMA/video/sex-advertisement-sell-32612862","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}