Shark Tank Your Life: Kid-Preneurs Edition

The mini-moguls gear up to make their pitches to "Shark Tank" host and entrepreneur Daymond John.
5:48 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Shark Tank Your Life: Kid-Preneurs Edition
Now time to "Shark tank: Your life." The competitors are kids, three young entrepreneurs who say age is no barrier to starting business. Daymond, you met some. They have to be focused on business and still have to learn as they go. They have to be laser focused. A lot of types even adults get off track. What about parents? Can they help bring these lessons to kids. Absolutely. You know how you have time to take the kids to soccer and do everything else, sometimes there's entrepreneurship time and you should always, you know what, get them little digital books on entrepreneurship. That's a good idea. Watch "Shark tank" too. Our kids like to do that. Before we meet our guests how they got here. Meet brothers Sebastian and Brandon Martinez from Florida, their company, are you kidding. We love it. My brother loves crazy socks. And one day my mom asked him if he wanted to design a sock. And I came up with my cool ideas. These socks are cool for playing dancing, basketball or just looking cool. Our mom helps us with all the hard work like shipping and financing. We started last year and we made more than $50,000. Now we want to take this company and make it a brand. Next up, Alina Morse from Michigan and her company zollipops. I came up with them because I love sugar and candy. Sugar is terrible for my teeth so I asked why can't we make a healthy sucker that's good for your teeth. Last year we made $70,000 in sales. My dad is pie consultant in my business. I am the idea person. I come up with the designs of how we want our zollipops and the packaging to look. My dream is that every kid in America has a clean mouth, a healthy smile and a zollipop in their hand. Good ideas there. Let's get started. First up Sebastian and Brandon have a lot of products, a lineup of products full of creativity. There they are coming out, guys. Okay, Sebastian, take it away Hello, shark, my name is Sebastian Martinez and I'm a CEO of are you kidding and I love socks and my brother's name is -- Brandon. I'm the director of sales or you could call me D.O.S. Our socks are colorful. Comfortable and very, very fun. We kids and grown-ups will want a pair or two. Or even a hundred. Our business is off and running. Hold on, guys. So what do youny? I love it. Hey, guys, you know, everybody is watching. If you had to sell your socks to one person out there and they could be watching, who would it be? You. I love it! That is a salesperson. I love it. These guys have their pitch down. They have it down pat. Let's see what socks you are. Eyeballs on yours. Googly eyes. Did $15,000 this year. Yeah. Did you make all the sales? Yeah. Wow. Amazing, excellent pitch. Up, Alina. Her creation will have parents and kids smiling from ear to ear. Come out and take it away. Here she comes. ? Go for it. Hi, shark. I'm Alina Morse. I'm 9 years old and I'm the creator of zollipops. What kid doesn't love candy? Our parents are telling us no way. Too much sugar. One day I had enough. That's when I came up with the idea for zollipops. A lollipop that cleans your teeth and tastes great. My family and I work together to make the after you eat treat a success. We're growing every day. With zollipops you'll enjoy every treat and have a healthy smile for years to come. That's what I call a sweet deal. Don't be a dumb-dumb, have a zollipop. I have to take some home. You're supposed to know exactly what you're selling. Can you put it in three words? Amazing, clean, smiles. Great. I know what a mean little man who needs a clean little mouth named Kevin o'leary. I love it. Can I have one? All right. Yeah. You know what's great. What these kis did put so much work into the pitch you can see the ad in the pitch. Yeah, but let's not even forget how much did you do in sales this year. You mean last year. Last year. About $70,000 in sales last year. $70,000. Wow. A couple years of college right there. I was 30 when I finally made that. No, that is unbelievable. You guys all did great. I think we got a lot of winners here. We got winners. You know what I'm very happy because you know what, I love when I see kids who want to do this. There you go. Thank you. Thank you so much. All right. Do you have any other ideas out there percolating you might want to try one day to sell or is it all about socks? Yeah. We also want to sell -- We should do a little merger. Socks and pops, you know what I mean. Well, we also want to make like shirts too. Shirts. That's a good idea. Brand extension. That's great. Alina, anything else percolating out there? Robots. Robots. That go to work for your family. That go to work for your family. You invent that, you'll never have to work again. If you invent that I'll weigh 400 pound. Congratulations. That was fantastic. Daymond, great to have you as well. Tune in to "Shark tank" at 9:00 eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The mini-moguls gear up to make their pitches to \"Shark Tank\" host and entrepreneur Daymond John.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28427763","title":"Shark Tank Your Life: Kid-Preneurs Edition","url":"/GMA/video/shark-tank-life-kid-preneurs-edition-28427763"}