Sharon Osbourne on Losing Weight With Atkins Diet, House Fire

Television host, music manager shares the latest on her family, career.
5:09 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for Sharon Osbourne on Losing Weight With Atkins Diet, House Fire
I want to get right out there because you walked in the studio and a collective gasp over how fantastic you look. I know you're doing atkins. I'm doing atkins. In the first six week, I lost 23 pounds. Then, I went to 30 pounds, i lost. And then, christmas came. And I put on five pounds. But let me tell you, I'm now back in my jeans. Are these the skinny jeans? Skinny jeans. I'm back in them again. And I've lost that five pounds. So, I'm back where I was. But it's so livable. You know? It's a lifestyle change. And I just eat their frozen foods all day long. I want to tell everybody you're a paid spokesperson. And you've gotten ozzy on it. Jack. My assistant, and between us, we've all lost over 100 pounds collectively. It's been the best thing ever. And I'm a paid spokesperson. What could be sweeter? Getting paid to get in shape again. It's not about losing a ton of weight. I was 30 pounds overweight. I had turned 60. I had health problems. I got to a stage, where I'm like, come on. We're jumpstarting january. So, this is perfect. This is perfect. This is what it's all about. And it's so livable. You go and get the frozen food. You put it in. And you've got -- really simple. It's fantastic. And you're working out, I'm assuming, as well. It's just taken me 60 years you have to work out. You have to move. I'm a slow learner. I doubt that very much. You mentioned health problems. Has it been a year since you had the double mastectomy? It was last january. I chose not to talk about it because I didn't want a big hooha. It was my decision. And I'm happy with my decision. I'm fine. Why did you finally decide to come out and be so honest about the fact you had that breast cancer gene? And this was a prof laftic double mastectomy. I had implants. And one of the implants was leaking. It leaked into my stomach wall. People should be aware of this. You should know -- it might look great for a couple of years. But believe me, it's not going to last with those horrible implants. And I had the cancer gene. I'm like, see ya. Get them gone. Good. And you said, no more plastic surgery, is that true? Please. Could I look more plastic? I paid to look plastic. I've had enough. You look fantastic. Enough plastic. It's a personal decision. How is everything at home? We heard that there was a little bit of a snafu because of a candle you got for christmas from one howard stern. My gorgeous howard, and best, who I adore, sent us a beautiful christmas candle. And ozzy and I lit it. We were having a lovely time. We went to bed. 5:00 in the morning and we hear a -- and the glass around the candle burst. And it was an oil-based candle. So, all of the oil and the liquid candle went down the table. It was a real fire? A real fire. The smoke, I couldn't breathe. Ozzy opens the french doors to our room, wrong. I go and get water, throw water on it. Doubly wrong. And so, it went whoosh, like this. And when it went like that, it took ozzy's hair with it. Is he okay? His hair's to here. Ozzy. And he was putting it out with his hand. And he had a cast on his hand because he just had an operation on his hand. So, he's using his cast to put it out. And the cast was on fire. This sounds like an episode of some show. We're the "three stooges" and the dogs were like wanting to help. So lucky you're okay. Never go to bed with a lit candle. We learned the hard way. So many words of wisdom. Really quick before we go. How are both kids? Jack is doing well. Congratulations on his recent marriage. Thank you. He's doing so good. Living vital. living with the divisiagnosis of m.S. You're given these things a reason. The great robin roberts, says make your mess your message. Oh, robin. I miss her in the mornings. My mornings aren't the same. Well, guess what? You don't have to miss her much longer. She was in for a test run yesterday. I saw. Doesn't she look amazing? And that's without atkins. I knew you'd somehow bring it back to that. I have to. We love talking to you. Thanks for catching up. Never a dull moment in the osbourne family. You know that. We're going to go outside to

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{"id":18312834,"title":"Sharon Osbourne on Losing Weight With Atkins Diet, House Fire","duration":"5:09","description":"Television host, music manager shares the latest on her family, career.","url":"/GMA/video/sharon-osbourne-interview-losing-weight-atkins-diet-18312834","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}