Sharon Osbourne Pens Pirate-Themed Children's Book

"Mama Hook Knows Best" follows Osbourne's character from "Jake and the Never Land Pirates."
3:18 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Sharon Osbourne Pens Pirate-Themed Children's Book
Test Text1 underline Welcome back. Sharon osbourne is a true renaissance woman. I sat down with her to talk about her book, her career, and her family. Some call her the first lady of rock. But over the years, sharon osbourne has made a name for herself. Her latest venture, a children's book. Osbourne's first called "momma hook knows best." What was the process of writing it? It's trying to find the right balance of keeping little ones entertained and also giving a good message. Reporter: One of your good friends, simon cowell, are you going to give him this book? Absolutely. He's having a little boy, he says. Reporter: What kind of dad do you think he'll be? He'll be a great dad. I think he'll love it and probably will have more many kids. I was the bravest and most beloved pirates. Reporter: The book is based around a popular cartoon, where osbourne creates momma hook. You have some pirate in you. Definitely. I think I am a pirate. I never live anywhere very long. I'm always traveling. Reporter: She laughs. But it's true. Osbourne works a lot. Juggling being a talk show host, a talent show judge, a music manager and a mom of three. Reporter: It is a family tradition, though. You all are working a lot. I think it was something that was imbred from ozzy and i. We were working at very young ages. It's a trait that we have installed in our children, a good work ethic. Reporter: Part of that ethic is ensuring her children work for what they earn. They work their butts off for what they get. They're not trust fund babies. They've never been the type to turn up at a club and say, I'm not a member here but do you know who I am? Reporter: This year is a big one for the osbourne family. Jack is preparing to waltz back into the limelight. Jack is going to be on "dancing with the stars." He is. He never stepped a step in his life. Were you surprised? No. He said he wanted a platform to inform people that if you have a disability or if you have m.S., you can still do things that everybody else can do. Reporter: And her daughter, kelly, is soon to walk down the aisle. How involved are you in the planning? Well, I love her for this. She's like, oh, mum. I can't be doing all these arrangements. And you have to do this and that. Just do it and I'll turn up. I'm like, really? And she's like, yes. You just do it. I'm like, done. Reporter: It's clear that osbourne is in a good space these days. But after battling colon cancer and undergoing a double-mastectomy. She has learned that what matters most is family. This being a celebrity. It never losts. But your family does. I think it's my greatest achievement and my greatest gift. Coming up, guess what we have more fun with the gang from

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{"id":20247482,"title":"Sharon Osbourne Pens Pirate-Themed Children's Book","duration":"3:18","description":"\"Mama Hook Knows Best\" follows Osbourne's character from \"Jake and the Never Land Pirates.\"","url":"/GMA/video/sharon-osbourne-pens-pirate-themed-childrens-book-20247482","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}