Sheriff: Suicide of Girl, 12, 'Broke My Heart'

Grady Judd discusses arrest of two girls on stalking charges after a girl jumped to her death.
3:00 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for Sheriff: Suicide of Girl, 12, 'Broke My Heart'
Joining us now, is polk county sheriff grady judd. Appreciate you spending time with us. In matt's piece, we heard from the parents of the two girls who were arrested. What led to their arrests? Well, we had them under investigation from the time that rebecca jumped from the tower. We heard immediately from all of the little friends that they were -- that rebecca was being bullied by these two girls. And as a result, we were conducting an investigation. But what rushed the arrest yesterday was because of a post that one of the girls put on her facebook saturday morning. Can you believe, after all of the problems the parents still allowed them to have their facebook account? They still let their child, their 14-year-old, get on facebook at 1:00 a.M. On saturday morning and say reprehensible things about the girl who committed suicide because their daughter bullied her and finally pushed her over the edge. And rebecca's parents, they pulled her out of school. They knew she was having problems. That she was cutting herself. That they did as much as they could. Unfortunately, it was not enough. Can you just explain a little bit more about the situation that rebecca and her parents found themselves in? Rebecca was a fragile child. That's why these words hurt so much. And her parents worked hard. They had her in counseling. They pulled her out of school. They actually successfully separated her from the bullies. Except for what? Your electronic devices. One of the bullies told rebecca, drink bleach and die. Nobody likes you. And unfortunately, rebecca took that to heart. And I can tell you this. We're not putting up with it. That's why we locked these two girls up. And anybody else that cyber bullies and we can show a stalking charge, we'll put them in jail, too. You're a father. You're a grandfather. What is it about this case that you have just said, enough? I've done this my entire adult life. And I can tell you, when I stood there at the base of that cement tower and saw that baby, that 12-year-old, deceased on the ground, it bugged my heart. And I know it will break the hearts of everyone else across the country if they were in the position I was in. We're going to see that the full weight of the law comes down on them. And we want to send a message to the others in the community, not just the kids, but anyone who cyber stalks or stalks or bullies. If we can make a case, you'll be arrested because people deserve to live a healthy, normal life. Not tormented by bullies. Thank you very much. For sending a message and a message we really hope is being heard. Polk county sheriff, grady judd. He is so passionate.

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{"id":20585204,"title":"Sheriff: Suicide of Girl, 12, 'Broke My Heart'","duration":"3:00","description":"Grady Judd discusses arrest of two girls on stalking charges after a girl jumped to her death.","url":"/GMA/video/sheriff-suicide-girl-12-broke-heart-20585204","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}