Exposes Alleged Mistresses

A new website gives women an anonymous space to shame their man's alleged mistresses.
4:05 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Exposes Alleged Mistresses
She did it. I am moving on right now. We have a new website that's fueled by revenge. It's called shesahomewrecker.Com. A chance for women to call out the women they think ruined their marriages. Be afraid. Reporter: When the women of "the first wives club" did wrong by their cheating husbands, they vowed to get revenge. And for those in real life who live by the creed revenge is a dish best served cold -- this is your punishment. Reporter: She goes by the ail lease, aeriala. She says it's a place for scorned women, living in this facebook era, to publicly flog the other women for sleeping with their husband. I think if one woman can say, oh, my god, I don't want to end up on this website. I do not want -- your life's going to be destroyed. Reporter: The site provides a platform for women to post the names, pictures and often torrid details about these accused home wreckers. It was a way for me to vent. Reporter: This is how 29-year-old noemi sanchez found some solace after she says she discovered her husband of almost eight years was cheating. And demanded a divorce when she was seventh months pregnant with their third child. I checked the cell phone bill. And there's pages upon pages of just one number. And I called it. And that's when she answered. Reporter: She, aka, the alleged home wrecker, is now married to noemi's ex-husband. And has a baby with him, one year younger than noemi's youngest son. We're never going to have the family that my other two kids had. But what can I do? Reporter: What she did was share her story with other scorned women online. Why go on to this website, singling her out? I didn't say it was all her. I said it was also him. Reporter: You're willing to forgive him? Yes, I was. Reporter: Are you willing to forgive her? No. Reporter: Isn't his betrayal worse? It is. Reporter: Noemi asked her to remove the post. The new wife had it in her mind I was going through problems. It's my fault for not waiting inle the divorce was final. Relationship coach donna barnes says the men are the ones who should be held accountable. I think something like this, feels good in the moment. But in the long run, you might feel shamed yourself. I'm truly sorry from the depths of my soul. Reporter: Dana scott is one of the many alleged homewreckers branded on the sight. In her relationship, she became pregnant from a colleague claims lied about his wife. Three months ago, she was shocked by this post. Do you think he loved you? How could he love me? He has a wife and a family. Of course not. Reporter: Dana is afraid the post might prevent future employers from hiring her. We don't want her working here. Reporter: As for noemi, she no longer wants her ex-husband back. But she does have a message if he and his wife are watching. Be careful. There's homewreckers out there. Reporter: Noemi says her ex has joint custody of their children. He did not want to speak on camera. But he wanted to say that he and noemi were separated. Call me old-fashioned. I'm a blame the husband kind of girl. This, essentially, seems to be the modern-day scarlet letter. This came in on twitter. If the man cheats, it's his fault. Shame on him if he can't keep it zipped. Not pit bull momma. I was there myself last year. But it does no good. Where's the hesahomewrecker.Com? Thank you. Moving on. Thank you, linsey. Moving on to more on the big

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{"id":20826758,"title":" Exposes Alleged Mistresses ","duration":"4:05","description":"A new website gives women an anonymous space to shame their man's alleged mistresses.","url":"/GMA/video/shesahomewrecker-exposes-cheating-women-20826758","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}