'Partridge Family' Mom Reveals Affair, Career Regrets

Shirley Jones discusses revelations from her book, "Shirley Jones: A Memoir."
3:11 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for 'Partridge Family' Mom Reveals Affair, Career Regrets
The legendary Shirley Jones. Has written a brand new revealing memoir Lindsay sat down with iconic TV mom and Oscar winning actress who shares secrets of her Shirley -- days. I I saw also that hasn't heard of this you you -- -- believe you can't run better if you can't have a little. Eyebrow raising if you think Shirley Jones is just like some of the character she played mrs. partridge or Marian the librarian. Think again in her new autobiography the 79 year old -- -- -- but get -- graphic about past sexual exploits hers. And her first husband's. Okay -- Hey -- She was one of TV's most -- -- mothers in the seventies sitcom the Partridge Family. I wanna get news -- -- -- everyone to make sure that cost him depressed tonight okay. She stole America's -- in classics like Oklahoma the and the music man. I didn't. Now the Academy Award winning actress is telling all in a new book. Shirley Jones. A memoir. And it won't took the most guts to tell well. You know all of -- -- sexual activity with my husband Jack Cassidy I mean he was my Knight in shining armor you know he was the love of my life. I was a breadwinner in the family and it was very difficult for him. After six decades in show business. At almost eighty years old this singer and actress typically known for rather wholesome roles. Is opening up about sex with detailed accounts of her affair and subsequent marriage to actor Jack Cassidy. -- it -- men and women and any news you know he had an affair with Cole Porter need to open it battled the sped away I was very aware of all -- You know. But he loved women she gives a behind the scenes look at her array of roles and co stars who included the likes of Burt Lancaster Marlon Brando would Frank Sinatra. Favorite costar. And compassionate -- -- -- say is I love so many of them. I think Burt Lancaster best -- Very against it but that's right exactly what I can -- well I didn't so much. But perhaps the most shocking admission -- all. Small town girl from Pennsylvania who on her very first audition managed to grab the attention of Broadway legends Rogers and -- team is this really what struck me was where you say in your secret soul. I still sometimes wish I had taken a different path -- never gone into show business. But follow my dreams and become a veterinarian. Is dead why -- -- about animals I'm wanted to do that it's I was given a gift. A book about her life isn't that would have been far less interest -- for Good Morning America Linda Davis ABC news new. And guys I will never looked at mrs. Parker Jensen. I hope I've I've I was I couldn't believe -- I think we tell the guy on good morning into an eyebrow raised over here thank you and.

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{"id":19770176,"title":"'Partridge Family' Mom Reveals Affair, Career Regrets","duration":"3:11","description":"Shirley Jones discusses revelations from her book, \"Shirley Jones: A Memoir.\"","url":"/GMA/video/shirley-jonesinterivew-memoir-partridge-family-mom-reveals-sex-19770176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}