Cops Pull Over Family at Gunpoint

Police say they were responding to a call of a driver waving a gun out a car window on a highway.
2:33 | 08/23/14

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Transcript for Cops Pull Over Family at Gunpoint
We have an extraordinary and perhaps for many of you infuriating piece of video to show you. Here it is. A law-abiding mom cuffed with four kids in the car. Guns drawn. All a mistake apparently so why no apologies? ABC's Michelle Franzen is on the story. Michelle, good morning. Even though police called the harrowing incident a big mistake officers say their actions were justified given they were following up on reports a driver was waving a gun outside a window on a highway and that is where this troubling mistake involving the Texas mom began. Let me see your hands. Everybody stick their hands out the window. Reporter: This shocking dash cam video shows a young mother being pulled over at gunpoint. She was driving four children under the age of 10 home when she was suddenly stopped by police. What is wrong? Get in the car. My kids. They're 6 and 8 and 10, 9. What are we doing? Reporter: She gets out of the car moments after being handcuffed, a terrified 6-year-old exits the vehicle with his hands above his head. Gun down. Gun down. Come on back here, son. Come on back here. You're all right. Makes me angry all over again. Police say they were responding to a call that a motorist was waving a gun out the driver's side window. It is going to be beige or tan colored Toyota occupied by four black males. Reporter: We got a complaint vehicle matching your description and your license plate pointing a gun out the window. Reporter: The big problem, the car's descriptions don't match. I drive a Nissan maxima is burgundy red. Reporter: Police realized -- Do they look young to you. They do to me. Reporter: And tried to calm the kids down. No one is going to jail. Reporter: Police say they responded appropriately for what they believe was a dangerous situation. For the nature of the call that a weapon was involved, yes. Reporter: Barbara says she understands they were making quick decisions but she's still upset. Make sure that you have all the facts because it doesn't -- you can't just say, okay, I'm sorry then I'm over it. That understanding mom, of course, she says she and her kids are still not over it and watching the video every time she says makes her angry and upset all over again. Understandably. It's infuriating to watch the kids with their hands up. Thanks, Michelle. Now we have a new warning

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{"id":25096088,"title":"Cops Pull Over Family at Gunpoint","duration":"2:33","description":"Police say they were responding to a call of a driver waving a gun out a car window on a highway. ","url":"/GMA/video/shocking-video-family-pulled-gunpoint-25096088","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}