'Confused' Cowell Now Wants to Stand by Scorned Ex-Lover

People magazine's Kate Coyne discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.
2:57 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for 'Confused' Cowell Now Wants to Stand by Scorned Ex-Lover
Here to discuss it all kate coyne, the assistant managing editor of "people" magazine. I want to start with simon cowell, a story now out that says he says he had broken up with lauren silverman, the woman he has purportedly fathered a child. Where do we stand? There's a lot -- ? I'm not sure how you break up with somebody who is already married to someone else but what he's trying to do is make it clear he is not going to be having any sort of romantic relationship. Her mother said she hopes they get married. He's feeling very confused. I think he's very conflicted. On the one hand we've had sources tell us he is livid about feeling trapped and tricked into this situation. On the other hand he is excited about becoming a dad. Something he feared would never happen for him and looking forward to it. You have to feel for her 7-year-old son too in the middle of this. If nothing else. We also want to get ellen now, encore performance. She will be hosting the oscars next year, big gig back in 2007. Was this a response? There she is. She did it all literally. Is this a response to seth MacFARLANE'S PERFORMANCE. I think a lot will see it. Certainly the timing. Very early to be announcing the host. It seems to be something of a response by the producers who produced last year saying, calm down, all your fears about misogyny and this sort of boarish behavior of seth, you won't have to worry about it this year. All will be well. Ellen is back. Yes. By the way, natural host. She puts people at ease. She can come up with those funny lines quickly. She can talk to anybody. She's not controversial which is -- they needed it this year. Actress raven-symone who played little olivia on "the cosby show" and said for the first time she's gay. I can finally get married. Yay government. So proud of you. Known for her privacy. Part of a greater trend of how celebrities are coming out now. Not so much the "time" message, yep, I'm gay. This is more of really an after-thought. This isn't all they want to talk about. It's, by the way, just thought I'd mention this is a fact of my life. It's not who I am in every facet but it's just something you might -- you penned it the way a lot feel about it. This is something part of us. We have so many other things to talk about, by the way, we love just like you, we're getting married just like you. My favorite thing you did was announce that you were getting married and that was it. So, again, reminding me off the

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{"id":19870552,"title":"'Confused' Cowell Now Wants to Stand by Scorned Ex-Lover","duration":"2:57","description":"People magazine's Kate Coyne discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.","url":"/GMA/video/simon-cowell-affair-confused-star-now-stand-scorned-19870552","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}