Singer speaks out on Corey Lewandowski sexual assault allegation

Joy Villa speaks to "GMA" about the police report she filed against President Trump's former campaign manager for allegedly slapping her butt at a holiday party.
7:26 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for Singer speaks out on Corey Lewandowski sexual assault allegation
We do want to begin with joy villa who has filed a sexual assault complaint against former trump aide Corey Lewandowski. We're going to talk to Ms. Villa who wore that make America great again dress to the grammys. There she is standing by by Stephanie Ramos has her story. Good morning, Stephanie. Reporter: Paula, good morning. That complaint against former trump aide Corey Lewandowski stemming from an incident that went down here at trump international hotel. This morning, one of president trump's biggest supporters, former crump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is facing a police investigation into an allegation of sexual assault. Singer joy villa who wore a make America great again dress to the grammys tweeted this picture saying it was taken in November, seconds before she says Lewandowski slapped her rear end not once but twice writing I was shocked and embarrassed by his behavior. Lewandowski now a contributor with fox was asked about the allegations. I'm not here to speak for joy but speak for me and what I am going to do let the process play forward. Reporter: Overnight new allegations that villa may have done a similar thing to what she is alleging Lewandowski did to her. The website the wrap publishing this video of villa at a party. She can be seen here pretending to smack a man once before her hand actually lands on his rear end. He appears to laugh and go back to his conversation but this morning, that man George Harris tells ABC news he met villa that night for the first time and that slap was not consensual. As for the incident with Lewandowski, villa has said all she's asked for is an apology. Paula. Stephanie, now I am here with joy villa. Thank you for coming to the studio and sharing your story. We will talk to you about that video we saw in a moment but let's start. You posted a photo on Twitter that you say was taken just moments before the alleged incident with Corey Lewandowski. Can you tell us what happened? Yes, so, you know, I was at a party, it was a private party and it was at the trump hotel and I had met Corey Lewandowski for the first time, someone introduced me to him, a good friend who is a witness to the incident and we were sort of ushered into a photo together and he was very drunk and after the photo that I posted he smacked my behind really hard and I told him no, stop. That's not okay and I said, I could report you for sexual harassment and I'm looking at him thinking, he must realize this is inappropriate, like there's witnesses this, is a public space. Very safe place. And he didn't? No, because he said, go ahead. I work in the private sector and he did it even harder. You never got an apology and did confront him but this happened right around Thanksgiving. Why did you wait till now? It's a good question. For me the reasons most women don't come forward. I was scared. I thought I don't want to cause any ruckus or create any bad press based around the president. This has nothing to do with him but I'm an avid supporter. Corey is a supporter. He has a lot more power than me. You didn't want to create a war within the Republican party but met with detectives and filed what you thought were going to be sexual harassment complaint but they told you, the detective said this was sexual assault. Did that surprise you? It did. It really did because I thought it was sexual harassment and when I described the incident to the detective she said this qualifies as sex wall assault and no one deserves to be touched when they say no and the person keeps touching them. That's where the assault comes in and I was very much surprised. I mean, I've tried no the to make it a big deal. And really just to say this is what I want to do. I want to report this and I want to move on with my life. Okay, Corey Lewandowski told fox business, quote, there is due possess and that he also wants to let the process play forward, so you said you haven't heard from him. What do you want to happen and are you willing to press charges even if that means he faces a criminal investigation? I would rather not go there. I really want an apology. You would be okay with just an apology. It's a hard situation because this is a crime that was committed against me and when I talk to the detectives yesterday was a three-hour, you know, process. It's a very grueling process. You tell your story over and over again. They ask questions and they had to remind I'm not on trial. Because you feel like it's such -- it's such a big deal for a woman to come forward and talk about it Right. But for me really what I -- I want this to be resolved in a manner that all of us can come out feeling good about it. I don't want to keep dragging his name through the mud. I want to show the video that is going around right now that shows you playfully slapping another man's behind. His name is George Harris. He says it was not consensual and in the video you can say, take it easy, behave. How is what Corey different than what you did to George. Well, for one thing, he didn't say stop or no. And when he said take it easy, I was being stupid. It was at a party in Las Vegas and I did stop. And if I offended George, you know, I totally apologize and I made it clear I reached out to his best friend and talked it over and said, listen, if this offended you, I'm sorry. I own up to it. That's wrong and that's what we have to do to make sure we have a safe environment. We have to say I'm sorry. If he had said no I definitely wouldn't have gone and done it again. When he said take it easy, I stopped. It was a joke. You're willing to apologize. Absolutely. I've got to ask. You said you're an or interdid supporter of the president. You want people to believe your story but do you believe the women that -- the many women that accused the president of sexual assault and sexual harassment? What I want is for justice to be served. You asked if I would press charges or have the crime go further than this, right now there is an investigation. It is a crime and that is something that I had to come to terps with, a crime was committed against me so it is, I do agree with Mr. Lewandowski it is in the hands of the justice system but for him to say I'm sorry -- Do you side with the women that have accused the president. I can only side with something that has happened to me. Your own experience. This is my own experience. I also want to say that any woman who has had that experience needs to come out and talk about it and needs to file and needs to make sure that the due process does go in because it is at a point your word against theirs. You don't have to go public like I have. It's sort of gone out of proportion sometimes. It distracts from a lot of the other things I'm doing. Possible congressional run. You said that's still in the cards. Absolutely. As a Republican. I'm a proud Republican. And what Corey did has nothing to do with the president. He doesn't work for the president anymore. Has nothing to do with the Republican party. Has nothing to do with his actions and he must take responsibility for that and that is what this is about. If we take responsibility we apologize, we can make our community safer. All right, joy villa, thank you so much for sharing your story this morning.

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"Joy Villa speaks to \"GMA\" about the police report she filed against President Trump's former campaign manager for allegedly slapping her butt at a holiday party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52041462","title":"Singer speaks out on Corey Lewandowski sexual assault allegation","url":"/GMA/video/singer-speaks-corey-lewandowski-sexual-assault-allegation-52041462"}