High-End Designers Embrace Plus-Size Market

Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and others are contributing to a fast-growing area of fashion.
2:44 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for High-End Designers Embrace Plus-Size Market
I'm gonna take charge issued a lot of atop an infection thinking big Donna Karan Calvin Klein -- whole -- -- -- design stars jumping into the plus size market. If she's -- Harris is here with the story first on the Wall Street Journal and posed as one of the fastest growing areas of fashion. And gentlemen you're still speechless we'll get back to an amount at first so on B Fuller figured -- Has felt alienated by the fashion world but high end designers. Are finally and we stress finally catering to them and plus size women everywhere are rewarding these designers buying more spending more. And spreading Edward. -- fashion has long catered to a very slim population of women. The average runway model is a size zero. But in the real world the average American woman isn't size fourteen and -- designer styles have added size twelve. Some brands like Abercrombie -- don't even sell -- large sizes for women. -- those in the plus size market with few options. But that trend is changing. Fuller figured fashion he says are demanding flattery trendy clothes. -- -- conception -- that that block of women who are those sidewalk don't care much about fashion but that couldn't be further from the truth. High end designers like Michael -- Calvin Klein and -- the moto art creating stylish pieces for plus size women. On May fifteenth plus size blogger Kathy Gregg collaborated with swimsuits -- -- to create -- -- -- which sold out within an hour. The fashion industry is -- business and him and a lot of these fashion designer -- that was an untapped market 20% of our revenue. Is from women who are -- -- twelve. And it's finally like dean's -- led off debt go. So -- made their way to Bloomingdale's with a plus size fashion blogger Melissa Wilson if he had enemy that's something -- and nice and it fits. What a buy it up. To check out the growing selection of fashion for a full list. Fabulous figures finally no more -- Herb -- -- basic black and he wants the same thing that we see on the runway and she found them. Giving us her own fashion show. Maybe when it comes to beauty. Diet doesn't matter. She didn't look amazing and to show just how far this particular market has cop -- -- full figure Fashion Week in New York just last week. There were 100. Brands represented that as a stark contrast to the twelve -- -- they started with. And 2009. And fashion insiders say for those insiders that say we're not going into this market. They're gonna get left in the dust him for years doing it really is thanks Paula.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and others are contributing to a fast-growing area of fashion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19493257","title":"High-End Designers Embrace Plus-Size Market","url":"/GMA/video/size-clothing-high-end-designers-embrace-size-market-19493257"}