Celebrity Designer's New Plus-Size Wedding Gown Collection

Project Runway's Zac Posen has a new collection featuring plus-sized affordable wedding dresses.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Celebrity Designer's New Plus-Size Wedding Gown Collection
Right now, superstar designer and project runway star zac Posen has a prand-new collection featuring plus-size and affordable wedding fwouns. They are beautiful. Sara Haines caught up with him for a look at what he call his love notes to brides everywhere. Reporter: From runway to red carpet. This is zac Posen. My dress is by zac Posen. Reporter: He's a designer to the stars. Now he's walking his glamorous gowns down a much didn't carpet. The wedding aisle. Posen teamed up with David's bridal to design for all sizes, 0 to 26. If you're a plus size, you can wear a zac Posen dress. You can get the red carpet look at an affordable price and in your size. Hi. I'm Sara. Can we hug? So I met zac for a sneak peek at truly zac Posen. It's so neat to know there is a range and truly different types of women can wear these gowns. Well, women are the inspiration. You want to represent them and embrace them and celebrate them. I heard you brought women here today that you show me some of the gowns on. Yes. Reporter: Okay. First up, an $850 satin fit and flare. She looks like a cup of champagne. The great lines make your leg look long. Reporter: Next, a tulle ball gown. So -- yes. Very princess-like. This is our princess dress. It can go bigger. It moves if you do a big spin. Keep going. You might disappear. Exactly. And for a pop of color, this portobello corseted draw drober. Would it be appropriate to call this back bling? I don't foe yet. Baby's got back bling. The lines on the body highlight and seduce and seduct the eye. Contouring. I heard I get to try on one of your dresses. So excited. Are you ready? Yes. Let's see. Wish me luck. Good luck. Not just one. I tried on three. Which one did I choose? Wait and see. And you don't have to wait long. This is one on the occasion gowns. It's only $195. When you think about how much you spend, you could wear to it a wedding, as a wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress. You're not going the gown route. I'm having a beach wedding. It's my personality. I'm more of a chill, can I run in the dress? Tell us about these three dresses. First up, Maggie. It's for all wallets. It's very affordable but for all sizes. Women that are curvy can live it up and look as beautiful as she does. This is Maggie. She's a size 14. Look how contoured her body looks because of the way he designs these dresses. This is $1350. They're not cheap. They're more affordable for a zac Posen dress. That's true. Next up, manuella. And last, Danica. It's $1250. The dresses are made for a range of people. You share the same sentiments of zac about when you see his dresses, this line. I love it. They accentuate the way women are built. This is how I'm built, robin. Take that. There's nowhere to go thefrom that. Ladies, you look great. You have to get outside. Snow shoeing. The truly zac Posen collection now available nationwide in select David's bridal stores. Time for a final check of

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{"id":22440581,"title":"Celebrity Designer's New Plus-Size Wedding Gown Collection","duration":"3:00","description":"Project Runway's Zac Posen has a new collection featuring plus-sized affordable wedding dresses.","url":"/GMA/video/size-wedding-gown-collection-designed-zac-posen-22440581","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}