Skin Care Expert Reveals French Beauty Secrets

Caudalie co-founder Mathilde Thomas shares practical beauty tips from her French upbringing in a new book, "The French Beauty Solution."
3:44 | 08/05/15

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Transcript for Skin Care Expert Reveals French Beauty Secrets
Another way to do it is right here, listen to this. Mathilde Thomas is a skin care person who grew her company into one of the top beauty brands and a book now, brand-new, called "The French beauty solution" and she provides time tested secrets to look and feel beautiful inside and out. The French way. Good morning. Good morning, Lara. Nice to see you here today. Nice to see you. I wanted to say you noticed something I have noticed as well. There is a big difference the way the French live and eat and the way that we do here in the U.S. That was the inspiration for writing your book, correct? Absolutely. You Americans put so much pressure on yourself. You're all about quick fix, instant gratification and invest a lot in makeup. We invest more in skin care because we are told by our mother, grandmother we should put on spf every morning and remove our makeup every night. More lazy we are. Take some of the pressure off and feed your soul from the inside out. The beauty comes out when you feed -- take care of yourself on the inside. You talk a lot about that in the book. What you eat is what you are. It's very important that you eat a good food that is loaded with antioxidant like all those fruits and vegetables and those nuts that are rich in fatty acids, very important and don't forget a glass of red wine loaded with resveratrol. Trust me, none of us is forgetting that. Three simple things in the book, the first is a nail strengthener, all natural. Please explain. My book is loaded with do it yourself recipe. I love to do this one with my girls on the weekend. It's a blend of grape seed oil, lemon juice and essential oil of geranium and lemon and put a droop on every single fail and rub it in. That smells so good. Very delicious. Makes your nail -- Very strong and also very white and it's a beautiful poeshs. And the recipe is in the book. All in the book. Very simple and at a good price. I love it. Fees really good and smells good. Moving on down the line we have a hair mask that we can do at home. 100% natural. If you want very shiny hair, you want this. It's a blend of actually egg yolk but a little rum, some olive oil and grape seed oil and it's going to strengthen your hair but also to make it super shiny. I'm going to apply that on your hair. By the root and go to the end of the hair, you leave it on 20 minutes, you do that every weekend. You have fun with your kids, friends and then you rinse it, shampoo, you have super beautiful hair. You use shampoo and conditioner after you do this. Leave this on for 20 minutes, again, a home remedy. Finally one last thing, a body scrub. Come show us how you do this. This is our signature scrub. We do that at our spa, the plaza, it's called a crushed cabernet scrub, grape seed, honey and grape seed oil and that you're going to apply on wet skin before showering, it's very sticky, super scrub by, gives us baby skin. You rinse it so you start at the bottom of your legs and you go up and do that every week. You can get it right here. You also have as you said a very fancy spa here in New York City where we not only do these things at home but go and get taken care of. And have a glass of wine too. Merci. "The French beauty solution" is a terrific book and also get two of these beauty recipes and two of Mathilde's easy masks on our website. at Yahoo! Thank you so much and for encouraging good food, good wine

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Caudalie co-founder Mathilde Thomas shares practical beauty tips from her French upbringing in a new book, \"The French Beauty Solution.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32894806","title":"Skin Care Expert Reveals French Beauty Secrets","url":"/GMA/video/skin-care-expert-reveals-french-beauty-secrets-32894806"}