Too Little Sleep May Cause False Memory

A study in "Psychological Science" links sleep deprivation to false memories.
2:53 | 09/16/14

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Transcript for Too Little Sleep May Cause False Memory
Starting off the heat index, new research on the times website overnight. Gettingless than five hours of sleep a night means you could lose some memory. And this study in psychological science that ties sleep deprivation to false memories. You forget things and make stuff up. That's crazy. It's like you dream while you're awake. They did a study, and they then showed people a news video and tried to convince them they had seen it when they hadn't. That is fascinating. And think about it, doesn't that happen to you? It does. It does. Yeah. Makes sense. Okay. We to want hear from anybody at home. How much sleep do you get? Tweet us using th the #socialsquare. Good morning, America, and also this morning, the secrets to self-control. One of the top stories on the New York times website, you may have heard of the so-called marshmallow test to test self control in children. Kids are told if they can resist the treat for 15 minutes, they'll get double. Those who wait have been shown to have higher levels of success later in life. The scientists behind the tests say some adults may be missing a key point. Self-control can be hard and learned. "The New York times," instead of marshmallows, they used cookies instead. I might think of cookies different than marshmallows. You think about the end goal instead of the immediate gratification. Yes. Makes total sense. You know what else makes sense? Happy wife, happy life. There may be truth to that, in the journal of marriage family, couples personal feelings towards each other. Finding that the husband's marital and life satisfaction is linked to his wife's happiness. If she said she was not happy, it was likely her husband wasn't happy either. Not applying to all couples, but it's interesting to consider. And all of us are in agreement. There's a reason it exists. And I think it works vice versa too? I think, but there's still something to do -- they said that a woman, when she's unhappy, she makes her feelings perhaps more known. Men are less emotional and talk about their fieeelings. Creates a bigger problem if the woman is unhappy. Makes sense to me. A house full of women. Of course. Do you think happy wife, happy life is true? Tweet us #socialsquare. You can't get away from us. You're surrounded. All day long. Next up on the heat index,

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"A study in \"Psychological Science\" links sleep deprivation to false memories. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25534906","title":"Too Little Sleep May Cause False Memory ","url":"/GMA/video/sleep-false-memory-25534906"}