Test Reveals Wife's Presence Mitigates Husband's Snoring

Dr. Jennifer Ashton learns that her husband snores less when she sleeps beside him.
2:52 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Test Reveals Wife's Presence Mitigates Husband's Snoring
The nightly battles over sleep when one spouse snores. Who stays put? Jen ashton brought cameras into her own dilemma. Reporter: It's an american epidemic. Millions sleepless every night. So much so that a quarter of married couples say they sleep in separate beds to get a good night's sleep. I can't deal with this anymore. It turns out to be somebody omping off to the couch. Reporter: I'm embarrassed to admit, my husband, rob, and i are no different. I often end up in a different room. She says I disrupt her sleep. I snore. Reporter: It causes me to wake up from sleep three to four times a night. We needed help. We called a sleep researcher. What's your goal here? I would like to sleep next to my husband every, single night. Reporter: She put us to the test. Measuring our brain activity while we slept. The sleep study will confirm scientifically that rob's snoring disrupts my sleep. The first night, side-by-side. the next night, apart. I get to sleep by myself. Next to me, rob snored just 36 minutes the whole night. And got an extra 20 minutes of deep sleep. Sleeping alone, his snoring time tripled. I'm telling you, there's health benefits, at least for rob, sleeping with you. Reporter: I feel guilty. Then, a discovery that would change the way I think about sleep forever. There was a link of rob's snoring and you having awakening from sleep. But it wasn't rob's fault. You continued to have awakenings throughout the night, even when rob had stopped snoring. Reporter: Why? Women are lighter sleepers than men. We're biologically programmed to wake up to things in our environment. Like kids, pets, light and that snoring. Luckily, we're conditioned to fall right back asleep again. One more time. Women are better than men. And things are not always as they appear. I learned a lot from this sleep study. It did make a big difference on our sleeping problems. But a big social stigma. It's really helped? It has. We made a lot of changes in our environment that were necessary. And got the kids out of the room, the pets out of the room, a king size bed. We had the same bed since we were married. How did you get the kids out of the room? Shut the door. But it's taken ten years. We have a couple. You do. Even ali was leaning in at home? Thank you.

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{"id":19372376,"title":"Test Reveals Wife's Presence Mitigates Husband's Snoring","duration":"2:52","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton learns that her husband snores less when she sleeps beside him.","url":"/GMA/video/sleep-study-mans-snoring-lessens-wife-19372376","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}