The smartest gadgets for girls this summer

Heather Cabot, the co-author of "Geek Girl Rising," shares some of the best technology and engineering toys for girls to help prevent the summer brain drain.
3:53 | 05/29/17

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Transcript for The smartest gadgets for girls this summer
to keep your kids busy and prevent summer brain drain. Heather Cabot of "Geek girl rising" is here with a countdown of the smartest gadgets for girls that are great for boys too. Absolutely. Thanks for having me. Thank you for coming in. Happy to have you and we have young girls and I'm glad you wrote this book but what made you want to write it. I'm a mom to kids who love technology and my co-author and I were concerned about the fact that a small number of women are going into computer science and engineering and can't avoid the headlines about the sexism in silicon valley so what we decided to do, find the stories of the women who are succeeding in tech to find out how they did it and get their advice for our daughters. I love the name too, "Geek girl rising" and a whole chapter is dedicated to engineering and trying to get our kids -- we'll walk over here and we have a countdown of the summer toys that actually are secretly getting our kids to use their brains as well starting here. This is inspired by this cool light-up dress you see on the red carpet worn by Claire daness. With blink blink you can make your own. "Project runway" meets electrical engineering. Fabric, thread, and they're paired up with L.E.D. Lights and lithium batteries and making cool things. My daughter is wearing the light-up scarf. Really cool for girls 8 years and up. Digging those by the way. Great. Love it. What do we have next? Who doesn't love a radio-controlled car, right? I do. So, these cars are customizable so girls can choose their entires, choose their own gears, choose their own shocks and then they can decorate them and the point is they can customize the cars to their personality and also learning the principles of science like friction and torque and energy. Now, this is actually a sneak peek because these cars are not even out yet. You can preorder them. They'll be available in the fall. Good stuff. I love that. Getting into the computer thing. Absolutely. Well, we'll introduce you here to a 21st century friendship bracelet called jewel bot. We have some in the audience and they're passing lockers and as soon as they get close they light up. So they're paired with your friends but the cool thing is that you can connect them to your computer and program them to send secret messages that only your bff would understand. So fun. That's really cool. One final one, which made it to the top. The first engineering toy ever made for girls called goldieblocks. Building toys that encourage them to build cool things like this ferris wheel but guided along by the first ever girl engineer character named Goldie this tool belt wearing spunky macgyver type and expanded into chapter books and an app that teaches coding and it sort of feels like a game but learning sequences and debugging and Sophie is playing the game becoming a pro at it but the point is these are all things that teach girls that it's cool to be smart and that technology can be created and collaborative and, you know, it's cool. They think they're having a great time. They absolutely are. Thank you, guys. Thank you. Well, my girls already know what they'll get as a gift this summer. We appreciate you being here. "Geek girl rising" is out now. And the great thing is everyone in our audience are going home with a copy, okay, so everybody gets a copy to take home.

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{"id":47698178,"title":"The smartest gadgets for girls this summer","duration":"3:53","description":"Heather Cabot, the co-author of \"Geek Girl Rising,\" shares some of the best technology and engineering toys for girls to help prevent the summer brain drain. ","url":"/GMA/video/smartest-gadgets-girls-summer-47698178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}