Meryl Davis and Charlie White Win Gold

Amy Robach rounds up the latest events in Sochi.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Meryl Davis and Charlie White Win Gold
this morning, ABC's Amy robach tracking it all at our "Gma" headquarters right there in our olympics desk in sochi. Good morning to you, Amy. Hey, good morning, robin. It is an action-packed day here in sochi and rain soaked. We can hear it pounding on our roof here. It's pouring in the village and in the mountains but guess what, no rain could dampen the excitement of a thinking nig on the ice. A magical gold medal performance unlike any other. Davis and white lit up the ice! Reporter: Figure skating phenoms Meryl Davis and Charlie white unbeatable lifting and twizzling their way to America's first ever ice dance gold capturing the highest free dance score ever recorded. To be able to go out on the ice and skate how you dream about at night was ridiculous. It's incredible. I can't imagine being up here with anyone else. Reporter: Afterwards white summing up their 17 years together in three simple words -- I just told Meryl that I loved her. It was, you know, just the perfect moment to really express, you know, how grateful I am to have had her by my side. Reporter: From regal style to adrenaline pumping speed, team usa's Steve Holcomb and Steve Langton powering down the chute and into the history books. He's got it! Holcomb medals for the united state. Reporter: It's marking America's first two-man bobsled medal in more than 60 years. Scores! Reporter: In the semifinals of women's hockey team usa crushing the sweeds, 6-1. Their eyes now fixed on a gold medal clash with rival Canada this Thursday. Down to one-game tournament. Reporter: Up in the mountains, races postponed by the thick fog Monday. We are not racing because you can't see anything. Reporter: Finally getting under way this morning, American ail leaks deibold crushing the competition in men's snowboard cross hours ago into the bronze medal spot and just missing the podium 18-year-old Colorado native Mikaela shiffrin who had three incredible runs, but landed in fifth place with only half a second between her and gold. Now let's get to the latest news flying down the track this morning. Lolo Jones, the olympic track and field star, now giving the winter games a go. Her selection caused a bit of an uproar some suggesting she was included more for her looks than talent. Jones says this olympics is all about underdogs citing Shaun white and hani Davis big names who didn't medal so if the underdogs end up on the podium Jones could find something in you to wear around her neck. Great chance for gold. David Weiss hits the what were. He is the reigning world champion in this event and put all the other competitors on notice. He says he has a new trick he's been saving just for the finals. The U.S. Team is deep in ski halfpipe. Hopefully we will be able to add to our medal counts. Robin, can't wait to see what that new move is. We're right there with you, Amy, as always. Thank you. Speaking of the medal count -- Yes. Take a stroll. Come with me. I wish. Sochi scoreboard and let's take a look, again, they were an even money favorite, the U.S. Was, to be atop this list at olympics and they have now gotten there along with the host country at 19 apiece, of course, that fifth gold coming from Meryl and Charlie and the bronze picked up by Alex deibold in snowcross. Netherlands, Norway and Canada. Netherlands picking up a gold today I'm told by Brian kines our touch screen expert. There's a biathlon finish today that will go down in the books. The tip of a ski. Four years of your life coming down to a tip of a ski. The Dutch took it with a fifth gold as well. There you go. These are not the names you expected. Germany sitting in sixth but they have eight golds, so if you wait for the gold, the Germans right in the thick of thing. Looking good there, team usa. Thank you, josh. That caught Sasha Cohen

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{"id":22561610,"title":"Meryl Davis and Charlie White Win Gold","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach rounds up the latest events in Sochi.","url":"/GMA/video/sochi-winter-olympics-2014-ice-dancers-meryl-davis-22561610","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}