Olympic Snowboarding Lingo Deciphered

ABC's Matt Gutman attempts to translate the sport's confusing jargon.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Snowboarding Lingo Deciphered
rocket air. Don't get me started on the Crail grab. Our Matt Gutman is translating. Reporter: On Saturday, sage kotsenburg won gold. Then the hard part. A backside 180 off the cannon box. And with rocket air. A back 1620 Japan grab. Reporter: Um, what? It doesn't sound like English to me anymore either. Reporter: Not English, but it is American. Team usa's very unique vernacular for slopestyle. Two gold so far. A Crail grab, grabbing the nose of the board with your backhand. Here he is uncoiling off a jump. Spinning four time. He couldn't see the ground until he landed. We had Devin Logan and Kerry Herman try to Ek plain over a bowl of borscht, what else? Pretzels. Corks. Double korks. Switch unnatural. There's a lot to it. Are these name of tricks? Yeah, oh, yeah. Getting too much pop I when -- The lip is the top of the jump. Up here is the lip, the knuckle is where you try to land past Right. I mean, it kind of makes sense. Reporter: How come I'm going so fast? There's only one ray to learn. That's on the slopes. So Lara, I have done a couple of rotations and I tried to stomp it on the Japan holy Crail double 1260 but ended up squirreling out before the end. I spent most of the afternoon trying to scrub speed and buttering half the time. I'm going to try to kick it here with my friends at the bar. Lara? Matt, I hate when I butter. One take. One take. One take. I wish that skcroll could have been slower. So we could have understood

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman attempts to translate the sport's confusing jargon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22441467","title":"Olympic Snowboarding Lingo Deciphered","url":"/GMA/video/sochi-winter-olympics-2014-snowboarding-lingo-deciphered-22441467"}