Team USA Sweeps Ski Slopestyle

This is the first time in history the American team has taken all three podium spots.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Team USA Sweeps Ski Slopestyle
latest at our "Gma" olympic head quarters in sochi. Good morning for team usa, Amy. Yes, isn't it fun to deliver great news. A thrilling morning, robin, here in sochi. Ski slopestyle is new to the olympics. This morning, the U.S. Team has three new shining stars. This morning, a clean sweep for team usa. Joss krinsensen, Gus Kenworthy, and nick goepper taking gold, silver, and bronze. The third time in history that the U.S. Haze swept a modal podium. A victory dance team usa style. Kaitlyn Farrington celebrating her gold medal halfpipe run with a shimmy. That doesn't compare to this, the backside 900. It requires boarders to rotate backwards 2 1/2 times. F Farrington, considered a dark horse, that dream a pipe dream no more. I was like, maybe I can do this. Maybe I can be on the podium. To land on top, unbelievable. Reporter: Not far behind, Kelly Clark from team usa. Grabbing a bronze, but not without a fight. She slammed hard on to the flat. Her second run, masterful. I looked at this whole experience as the icing on the cake for an amazing snowboard career. Reporter: There was also heart break. Ariel gold dropping out after hurting her shoulder in a nasty spill. There will be no medal. Reporter: Speed skater Shani Davis, the favorite to win the 1,000 meter, finishing eighth. On the women's downhill, an uphill battle. France's avier with a violent crash into the netting. Julia Mancuso failed to medal for the U.S. And in pairs free skate, team Russia once again elect try field the home crowd. Overcome with emotion. Stealing gold, silver, and the show. And now the latest news, the U.S. Men are about to take the ice if the hockey competition. Facings Slovakia this morning. We all know the big game comes for the Americans on Saturday when the men face the powerhouse Russians. Just over my shoulder is the ice dome. Something cool happens. You can see the score on the building. You can follow, Mo matter where you are in olympic park. There are two exciting events today. The mixed team luge, and the women's skeleton. For the first time ever, a male and female luge team including bronze medalist Erin Hamlin speeding down the track. And the U.S. Women are competing in the skeleton. That is a hair-raising event where you motor down the track head first. Two American women are in the hunt in first and fourth. Check out Katie's helmet. That is one fierce eeg. Eagle. They travel 6,000 feet down the frozen raceway with their chin two inches above the ice. That is some bravery. We're not going to see that in the "Gma" games. Leave that for the olympics. Josh is over at the sochi scoreboard. What do we have? A rough couple of days for the Americans. After five medals in two eventsing look at us. Just one back of Norway. I wanted to bring you this tweet from Kelly Clark. She said it was icing on the cake. She took bronze. Her 24-year-old teammate taking the bronze. My ceiling gets to be the next generation's floor. And that is a great honor. And that is what it is all about. It's awesome. Congratulations to both of them, by the way. Chills again with that.

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{"id":22493955,"title":"Team USA Sweeps Ski Slopestyle","duration":"3:00","description":"This is the first time in history the American team has taken all three podium spots.","url":"/GMA/video/sochi-winter-olympics-2014-team-usa-sweeps-ski-22493955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}