Rescuers Missing After Boy Saved from S.D. River

Two people are missing after they rescued a boy who disappeared in a sea of foam.
1:56 | 03/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rescuers Missing After Boy Saved from S.D. River
But right to that river rescue in south dakota with josh. Yeah, we're going to go right there. The search overnight. Two people rescued a young 6-year-old boy from a raging river in south dakota and then disappeared in a massive sea of whipped foam whipped by unrelenting currents. Abc's rob nelson has been following developments all night long. Good morning to you. It really was the ultimate bravery on display. Two good samaritans jumping in to save a young boy's life but the real drama was only just beginning. As the ice melts on the big sioux river, the water is filled with chemicals, churning with ice particles creating a thick foam making for dangerous circumstances. A 6-year-old boy who was peering into the river slipped and fell into the frothy water thursday evening. Two onlookers jumped in to save the boy from the foam engulfing him. The two men were able to grab the boy but his two heroes are where to be seen. Tee of us had him and he had the kid with him, but just slipped. Just slipped. Crews areow desperately searching for those two good samaritans who saved the little boy's life. We are happened to notice somebody down there reaching into the foam and we could see they were holding on to somebody trying to pull him out. Overnight crews in sioux falls, south dakota, searched but ice in the water and other factor complicated the search. There's a lot of foam from the water that has to be dispersed and that's creating quite a bit of problem right now. Reporter: Bystanders who witnessed the accident say they tried everything to help. Still wish there was something I could have done. All of that foam you saw comes from chemicals wash into that river like fertilizers. Firefighters have been called in to try to disperse some of it but making matters worse the temperature of that is hovering right around freezing.

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{"id":18736174,"title":"Rescuers Missing After Boy Saved from S.D. River","duration":"1:56","description":"Two people are missing after they rescued a boy who disappeared in a sea of foam.","url":"/GMA/video/south-dakota-sea-foam-river-rescue-young-boys-18736174","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}