South Korean Men Cosmetics Crazed

Spending 900 million a year on skin care to achieve K-Pop perfection.
3:08 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for South Korean Men Cosmetics Crazed
Hi there I'm that he doesn't he go with ABC news we aren't here in Seoul today known as the most wired city in the world. It's also home -- Korean pop or paid off. It's. Now without really become the largest market for men's cosmetics that's right and cosmetics. Now South Korean men account for nearly 20%. Of the world -- skin care market last year into today we have come to this. -- trying to figure out what kind of treatment men out here are getting but we needed I tried this out so we're gonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go inside and try this out -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't believe -- business. What am -- getting you can tell her son. It -- -- -- that I guess I'll go for. -- isn't alone in his quest to achieve cosmetic perfection. Last year -- Global sales of men's -- care products jumped nearly 20%. Majority -- that 2.4. Billion dollars coming from self media men here like to get pretty. Much. There's a men's section in nearly every cosmetics store -- famous pop stars selling anti aging -- Before endorsing me now friends bonded new nickname for these -- Lance. Why are being and so. -- -- I'm -- me an idea Nina first impression is everything spot consultant AT&T and send us an NC the perfect skin Korean pop stars have -- want to look like them. -- -- Millions of some. -- -- fit make over begins with an elaborate scalp treatment that includes assault champ who. To prevent baldness. -- -- Next on to the hot stone the -- the idea is to mold the body into one that looks good in -- suit. -- I am quite sure that's how it's really supposed to work. Then it's time for the facial. Getting used to this. Carson asked for the lifting crane to minimize his double -- A few masks and oil treatment later he's induction into the grooming tried to -- complete. Your lines. -- -- Like -- career at the next -- pop star may not be far behind if he gets a few more of those facials. Until next time I and they keep them yet.

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{"id":19153082,"title":"South Korean Men Cosmetics Crazed","duration":"3:08","description":"Spending 900 million a year on skin care to achieve K-Pop perfection.","url":"/GMA/video/south-korean-men-cosmetics-crazed-19153082","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}