Spanx New Stores Offer Shapewear for All Body Parts

Company offers ABC News an inside look at everything their new stores have to offer.
3:24 | 11/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spanx New Stores Offer Shapewear for All Body Parts
because we're talking about big news here. Spanx. A new generation for the shapewear line that so many of us know so well. The company just opened the first spanx stores. And we got the skinny -- ding -- on the hottest, new products. Abc's juju chang has the story. Put on a pair of spanx. It's the holy grail. Reporter: It's the go-to undergarment for skin-tight award show glitterfests. Spanx. You have got to wear spanx. Show them. Spanx takes care of those five pounds. The really stubborn five pounds. Reporter: Sara blakely is the mastermind behind those shapely behinds. Now, she's busting spanx out of the lingerie department. And launching her first series of retail stores. Like this one near philadelphia, offering their unique brand of real-life photoshopping for real women. This is our activewear, which I'm excited about. Reporter: Women live in their workout clothes. They do. Reporter: You might as well look good in them. This is a tummy tamer hidden in the garment. Reporter: The stores are enshined to shapely curve all women dream of. And spanx isn't stopping at the problem areas at your hips. They're moving into enemy territory. Think spanx for cleavage. Blakeley gave us a very personal tour. I'm wearing one now. It's becoming one of my favorite products. We had to name it that because it was so comfortable. Reporter: It's amazing. And it's hooks, wires, clasps-free. It's airport friendly. Reporter: How often does a billionaire founder help out in the dressing room? Ta-da. She has great shape and lift. It's smoother on the sides than it was. Reporter: Mary was shopping for a better bra after breast surgery. I'm looking for something that doesn't have a clasp in the back. And isn't going to dig into my shoulders. How do you feel? I feel very comfortable. Can you turn around and show us how we have no bra lines? See, nice and smooth. Reporter: Blakeley says they never test market for expanding their product line. They simply listen to their customers. We kept having women e-mailing us, saying I want to wear spanx to the beach. And we can't do tan lines. We will make swimsuits. Reporter: Now, men are getting spanx, too. With physique-improving undershirts, discreetly available only online. I saw an opportunity after talking to my brother, my dad, and my husband. Why don't we make a men's undershirt. Give them a cleaner look under their suits? I'm wearing spanx, right now. I can tell you that. And the underwear is spanx. They do something for you down there. There's something intimate about it. Like a girlfriend's secret. There is. I get so many great, you know, people flash me at parties and airports. Everywhere I go, I'm getting flashed. Reporter: Most women just hate their flaws. And they bemoan their saddle bags. But you're reported as saying your saddle bags launched an empire. They did. I'm grateful for my secellulite. You can see more of juju's report tonight on "nightline."

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{"id":17836684,"title":"Spanx New Stores Offer Shapewear for All Body Parts","duration":"3:24","description":"Company offers ABC News an inside look at everything their new stores have to offer.","url":"/GMA/video/spanx-stores-offer-shapewear-body-parts-17836684","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}