'Spiderman' Holds Up Pittsburg Convenience Store

University of Pittsburg student Jonathan Hewson, 21, is facing a robbery charge.
1:19 | 09/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Spiderman' Holds Up Pittsburg Convenience Store
And iconic superhero, spider-man appears to have turned to a life of crime. Sort of. Abc's rob nelson has more on this story. Reporter: Normally, spider-man spends his night stopping crooks. But security cameras in this pittsburgh convenience store were rolling as a not-so-friendly neighborhood spider-man swung by to rob the clerk late thursday night. Police say under that mask is no peter parker. But 21-year-old jonathan houston. His alter ego, a mild-mannered student at the university of pittsburgh, according to his roommate, who chalks the whole thing up to a harmless prank. Yeah. We're just -- it's just college kids. And college kids tend to do strange things. Reporter: Police, however, tell a different story. Saying houston walked into the store, in his full spider-man getup and yelled at the clerk, how much money you got? In the video, spidey takes off with no money. They found houston about 30 minutes later, unarmed and standing a block away, still in costume. This morning, houston is facing a robbery charge and a stiff reminder that, with great power, comes great responsibility. For "good morning america," rob

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{"id":20327259,"title":"'Spiderman' Holds Up Pittsburg Convenience Store","duration":"1:19","description":"University of Pittsburg student Jonathan Hewson, 21, is facing a robbery charge.","url":"/GMA/video/spiderman-holds-pittsburg-convenience-store-20327259","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}