Splurge or Save? Comparing Low-Cost and Designer Deodorants

Becky Worley takes a look drugstore brands, lines that bill themselves as being natural and designer categories of deodorant.
3:53 | 08/30/16

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Transcript for Splurge or Save? Comparing Low-Cost and Designer Deodorants
The chances of "Ice, ice baby" on the dance floor. Spend low or yolo. You only live once. We are breaking down a beauty item that most of us use. Deodorant. Does spending big bucks make a big difference? Becky Worley is back with some refreshing news. Take a look. Reporter: Drugstore deodorant. It costs a few buck, you swipe it on after a shower and that's it, right? Wrong. Deodorant is a $4 billion business and growing. Today designers are getting into the odor control mix. Donna Karan $25 cashmere mist and Tom Ford's neroli portofino. 50 bucks for deodorant? The brands that advertise as natural are selling faster than ever and come in cream, wipe, even primal pit paste. It ain't cheap either and can cost double your drugstore variety. Some costing as much as $18. To learn more we head to the princeton consumer testing labs where this man has 20 years in the deodorant business. I sniff under people's armpits. Reporter: You heard it correctly. You hold your arms up. I would apply the sniffer here and then -- oh, lord. Wow. Reporter: Did that just happen? Okay, poor Barry has possibly the worst job in America. But -- does an expensive deodorant do something different than less expensive brands? People think that and pay a lot more for a product it's going to be so much better, that is just not the case at all. Reporter: Barrie explains they don't prevent you from sweating but absorb odor and masks it. What you're paying for is that scent like a high-end perfume. So with these deodorants -- You will still sweat but the smell will be controlled. Reporter: If you want to preveepts sweat in the first place rather than masking its odor forget deodorant and try an anti-percent pi rant. It clogs the pores that produce the sweat. Reporter: He points to drugstore anti-percespirant brands that contain aluminum. Some people pay more for great smelling deodorant, the expert's advice to preventing odor in the first place, anti-perspirant. Go to the box and pay $5 to $10. Reporter: The nose knows. Wow. He went right in there, Becky. Here with products. Oh, my gosh. Wow, that has to be one of the worst jobs in America. I have to imagine. Listen -- No quantitative scientific test for smelling. You have to subjectively smell. This is not smell-o-vision. The expensive ones and drugstore brands. Take a sniff. I mean, it smells good, right? Not really. Listen, deodorant is about scent so if you're spending $400 bucks for three ounces of Tom Ford's cologne you're probably going to shell out another 50 to keep the smell going. If I'm going to be $50, it better cook dinner for me too. Work it, though. One of the things that's interesting is deodorants are generally all in the same classification is that they mask odor. Anti-perspirants prevent sweating and that also if you add in a deodorant also in addition will help to mask odor so what Barrie said anti-perspirants are more effective. They have aluminum. They have different time release sort of methodologies and so you might want to try different brands to see which one works for you. Mix it up. Make sure this natural brand says whatever you get, make sure that it is an elite assassin of odor. That's what you're looking for everyone. Critical. Assassinate that ode Dore. Am I okay? I'm okay.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Becky Worley takes a look drugstore brands, lines that bill themselves as being natural and designer categories of deodorant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41733878","title":"Splurge or Save? Comparing Low-Cost and Designer Deodorants ","url":"/GMA/video/splurge-save-comparing-low-cost-designer-deodorants-41733878"}