Does Your Spouse Have a Secret Credit Card?

A new study shows that millions of Americans are hiding secret bank accounts and credit cards.
3:41 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Does Your Spouse Have a Secret Credit Card?
Shocking results from a poll about family finances and shows millions of Americans are hiding secret bank accounts or credit cards from their spouses, most of those doing the hiding turn out to be men and ABC's Reena ninan has more on this financial infidelity. I got to go. So go. Reporter: When it comes to cheating in a marriage there's this kind heating up showtime's "The affair." And then there's this kind of affair, the financial kind. A new study by says millions of married Americans are guilty of committing financial infidelity. According to this study some 7 million Americans have secret bank or credit card accounts their spouses know nothing about. And the survey found men were more likely to be the ones doing the hiding. When he first came up with it, I was just shocked. Reporter: Robert Neal of California has been a secret saver for nearly 20 years stashing overtime money he made behind his wife Winnie's back. Winnie didn't know how much I was bringing home. I just told her, boy, the tacks are really tough. Reporter: But Winnie's been a secret spender herself. Hi. Reporter: Her biggest hidden splurge, this furniture in their living room. I should have been more up front in saying, okay, what's our budget? Reporter: Kimberly Foss says financial infidelity is more common than people think and if anything, it's on the rise. Red flags that I look for, missing or misdirected financial statements and, of course, the obvious one is if there's missing cash in the accounts. Reporter: Some cups have managed to make their money situation work like Matthew and Stefanie Albright of Texas who managed to stay honest about their finances, despite having separate bank accounts. Their secret -- If you can't split accounts you have to have good communication. I think it just comes down to we both have respect for each other. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Reena ninan, ABC news, New York. And joining us now Rachel Cruze, best-selling author of "Smart money, smart kids." Fascinating issue. Affects just about everyone. Maybe because I'm a guy but I was surprised most of the people who keep the secret accounts are men. Yes, well, some men I think find power in money. For them it equals power so they want the control and be in control knowing they're taking care of their family and I find that money too, it's emotional so when you're not doing as well financially, it's easier to go and have these secret accounts and hide purchases. We all know couples have to get together on the issue of money after really talking about it as that couple did. But isn't it a good idea if you can to have a little bit of wiggle room, a little financial Independence on each side. I want there to be a meeting of mines and combine accounts and do a budget together. I want you to tell your money where to go so your major financial decisions are already made in the budget. And the thing is, money is never just about money. So when you're agreeing on where your money is going you're agreeing on your goals in life, on your dreams, your fears but, yes, you do want some fun, so the budget can equal fun so each person in the relationship needs some quote/unquote fun money. And this is allotted in the budget and talk about it ahead of time. For some couples it can be $25 or for others 100 or more and have this amount and if you need to buy hair spray, I don't have to call and ask for this. It's with your discretion to be able to use. If you discover the infidelity, what's the best way to rebuild trust. Number one, combine those accounts. That'll force communication. Go a budget together. And embrace your differences. With the budget there's always a nerd and free spirit. One enjoys it, one doesn't and forgive and move forward. Great advice, Rachel. Thanks.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"A new study shows that millions of Americans are hiding secret bank accounts and credit cards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28398261","title":"Does Your Spouse Have a Secret Credit Card?","url":"/GMA/video/spouse-secret-credit-card-28398261"}