Spring Cleaning Challenge: Lara vs. Sam

Lara Spencer and Sam Champion battle each other for title of best spring cleaner.
3:04 | 03/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spring Cleaning Challenge: Lara vs. Sam
There and Sam going head to head in a battle of cleaning supremacy. Here to help with the challenge though is Sarah -- she's the executive editor of real simple Sarah it's great to have yet to be here at first though we do you wanna take a look at. What you recommend -- There literally dirty job but somebody's got to deal. Door number one tackling -- He continues to break you know something really classic like light fault or something all -- -- mrs. Myers we'll go old school -- -- senator. So what's the best tool for the job the Rubbermaid flexible scrubbing brush have a flexible kept asking -- This spring cleaning challenge -- that's ceramic looking brighter than sandy -- Not a -- number two decimating dust. We love this -- -- Buddy Holly need to do is telescope without it can even get up the feeling. The challenge attached every service and leave no dust bunny behind. Ed sort of agree. That -- We recommend the shark navigator and only eleven pounds the great thing is the attachments are attached directly the backing -- you won't lose them. This brings leading gelatin like bush should we say vacuum the floor with your opponent -- that -- Yeah. Sam and I must. Rob -- into white and station three and vacuum. Amy and Sarah will be judging as they go -- -- need browsers to move on the next station on your mark. -- really -- -- the first. Guy who. Okay. -- -- -- There are high low high -- -- I mean you miss a spot in the spot where you mrs. wanted to be out of the sand. Don't wave that flag robot. -- -- -- -- -- How well a -- -- is gonna go to Hanover where I'm going with the bush. -- -- -- -- -- How we doing on time -- Got -- from his days they got a -- months. Not a move. At least. Okay. Not an audition. He's just not a vampire your office and I -- Lara Spencer.

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{"id":18674821,"title":"Spring Cleaning Challenge: Lara vs. Sam","duration":"3:04","description":"Lara Spencer and Sam Champion battle each other for title of best spring cleaner.","url":"/GMA/video/spring-cleaning-tips-lara-spencer-sam-champion-spring-18674821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}