Spring Fashion: Day-to-Night for Under $90

"Lucky" Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen shares her secrets to the hottest spring trends on a budget.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spring Fashion: Day-to-Night for Under $90
Tomorrow is the official start of spring and we are lucky to have "Luck" editor in eve Eva chenowith us. A twist, she's brought three of the season's great trends and show us how to take them from work to weekend. We always love it when you're here, Eva. Thank you. You got the pastel, the Jersey. It'll all make sense in a little bit but I want to ask you this. We've had our viewers sending in questions to you and Mckenzie turner sent in this photo so do we have the photo. A matching crop top and high waisted shorts for you to take a look at and review and give suggestions. First of all, I think she has like three outfits in one because it's super cute. Can wear it together. If she wears the two pieces together I would wear it with flat shoes, sneakers would be super cute. Hair in a high ponytail and keep it simple with jewelry. That is really cute. Or a full skirt as well and wear it separately. We're here for you Mckenzie or rather eve Ra is here. You're here. Let's take a look at these looks here. There's some big styes that are out there. Pastels are very, very important. Yes. Wearing the trend already. So we take it from work to weekend. You can wear pastel without looking like a 4-year-old or like an Easter egg and these guys look fantastic. At that time Ya is wearing it with a skirt. The top -- the jacket is fan tass from aosa and laurel is modeling the weekend look. The whole look is just under $100. Look, it's just tweaking it a little bit that takes it both way. Laurel is wearing shoes from Aldo, frumpy shoes are back. Birkenstocks, frumpy shoes, neither of us are wearing them. Trust me. Looks good. All right. Thank you very much. Now, you are sporting the look that we're going to talk about. Varsity is back in a big way, that collegiate look but it's not sweatpants, not sneakers. It's cool. So varsity is actually something you think it's a weekend look but you can wear it to work, as well. Jen is wearing a dress that's $70, phenomenal. Zara. All set. Match it with a structured bag. That's what elevates it and makes it work appropriate and Megan is wearing the weekend look version. The surplus jacket one of the "Lucky" magazine essentials to own. From forever 21 and a pair of sneakers and you're set. Everything. Each individual piece is under $100 and we think there's something -- all things you can mix in your wardrobe effortlessly. All right, ladies. Thank you very much. And then the final look that we have is something called -- oh, I love this look. The shirt dress. The shirt dress is back in a huge, huge way. We love it. We're obsessed with it. I think it's the one item every woman needs to own for the summer. Alan ma is wearing the shirt dress from old Navy. Just $30. Beautiful, we love it. She has a jacket from boohoo over it, $55, the boyfriend look. Men's style blazer, you can wear it so many ways. Looks professional. Polished and the shoes, she kind of is wearing polished pointy toe pumps which we're wearing and Carol is wearing the weekend version. Cool splat sandal, Jean jacket from gap and all set. Can we bring everybody out so we can take a look? Really taking a little bit of a twist, here they come out. But it's those little simple thing. Exactly. That can extend the wardrobe. All about the accessories and thinking about a cute little twist you can make to make it your own look. I love the flat shoes are back, yes. Frumpy shoes. The frump. Nothing frumpy about those. Those look great. Always good to have you here. Thank you so very, very much. And these looks right now from the "Gma" Pinterest page to yours. For information on all go to goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! Coming up there's a breakout r&b star mack Wilds at spotify

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Lucky\" Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen shares her secrets to the hottest spring trends on a budget.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22966372","title":"Spring Fashion: Day-to-Night for Under $90","url":"/GMA/video/spring-fashion-day-night-90-22966372"}