Spring Snowstorm Heads East

Kansas City is hit hard by this never-ending winter.
3:02 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for Spring Snowstorm Heads East
A spring snowstorm is moving its way across the east. Abc's gio benitez is in the thick of it in hard-hit kansas city. But let's begin with ginger zee. I want to start with a look at why you can't drive in this type of snowstorm. Look at this this is from the topeka, a highway sign completely caked in snow. Close to 20 inches fell in colorado. A whole lot of snow. Winter storm warnings stretch from kansas all of the way to pennsylvania. We want to check in with gio benitez who's in kansas city, a place I have been too often this winter. Gio snshgs. Reporter: You know, ginger who have been twice before, we know that kansa city has had a rough weather. Now, with this third major snowstorm, lot of people are saying, it's a rough spring. Ten states hit by a wicked snowstorm overnight. The huge storm ravaging the midwest, bringing cars to a screeching halt. Worst hit, colorado, the state was pounded with snow, getting on average 8 to 10 inches more than other states. Just outside denver, a massive, 50-car pileup on the highway in near whiteout conditions. And look at this. A tanker truck catching fire. Highway workersarning everyone to stay off the roads. Anyone trying to go to east, stay home. Reporter: In kansas, this suv slid off the side of the road. Now, the gulf coast is bracing for the wrath of the storm. Some parts of the south are already seeing severe weather. High winds in florida where tree branches are torn apart like twigs. And in georgia, where heavy rain led to bad driving conditions. And, if you're thinking about those march madness games here in kansas city, we're told the games will go on. And ginger, I know you'll love this, I'm just thinking about that nice, warm studio right now. Yeah, sorry I couldn't loan you the orange extreme weather jacket. Let's talk timing. Low-pressure system is creating all of the havoc there. It will move through st. Louis, illinois, indiana. Tonight, we talk about the east coast, the mid-atlantic. For parts of new jersey and new york. I do think a lot of it not is going to stick. Wet, springtime snow that we see. The severe weather is targeting parts of the southeast. Damaging wind and hail in that area. Very heavy flooding rains possible as well.

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{"id":18800281,"title":"Spring Snowstorm Heads East","duration":"3:02","description":"Kansas City is hit hard by this never-ending winter.","url":"/GMA/video/spring-snowstorm-heads-east-18800281","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}