Spring Into Summer with Deals and Steals

Tory Johnson reveals the season's greatest bargains, some up to 69 percent off!
3:14 | 05/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spring Into Summer with Deals and Steals
We're here with "Deals & steals." Springing into summer with bar Gaines. Tory Johnson is here. Deals up to 69% off. I like this. Let's show everybody else. This is from a brand-new company I have found. Pink up. Unbelievable bracelet paps woman-owned company. So gorgeous. So pretty. So stunning. Unbelievable prices. Singles or stacks. They have preranged online. Normally, these starts a $20 to $48, today only, $9 to $19 only. From pink house. Load up. They're gorgeous. They're beautiful. This is a huge favorite in my house. Yes. These are big for little girls or girls of all ages. All ages. In fact, Oprah just wore these headbands. This is the brand-new neoprene. It doesn't move. Feels like scuba gear. Same kind of material. This the biggest assortment ever. Barretts, hair bands. Only you get the deal, everything today is slashed in half. Starting at $2.50. Can't beat that. I might have one of these. You might have one of these. I've got it here. Yeah. So, imagine this. Really fun, just burlap bag. It's beach bag, too. It's lined inside. If you take to it the beach and get sand in it. Or order junk -- it looks gorgeous on you. Amazing deal. Normally $38, threes to choose. Three colors. These are slashed by 53%. 18 bucks. Those are fantastic. I love this. Because a girl can never have too many bracelets. And personalized bracelets. These are from rustic cuff. Grab the one in front. These are from rustic cuff. Four brand-new style. New to "Gma" viewers. That's the name cutout. You can get silver, gold, monogrammed cuff. Five pastel colors for the leather wrap. You can create your own arm candy party going on there. Amazing deal. Normally $78. Everything is slashed by at least 62%. It's really $4. Great. Including personalized. We have models. We do. Ashley and Patricia. Come on over. Look gorgeous. Look at them. You got to mod pose down. Work it, girl. Normally $44. Slashed by 61%. $17. Eight bold patterns. We want to thank these companies for the fantastic dpaems you can get them at goodmorningamerica.com on yaho Yahoo!. Tory, thank you. Look who is over there.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Tory Johnson reveals the season's greatest bargains, some up to 69 percent off!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31038112","title":"Spring Into Summer with Deals and Steals","url":"/GMA/video/spring-summer-deals-steals-31038112"}