The Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Billy Dec discusses which cities have the best St. Paddy's festivities on "GMA Live."
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for The Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
-- -- friend that let out and address the experience and his I have really gets on your. As did you -- -- time now oh only gonna leave name Billy yeah I've got to beat his man -- entertainment that is now all things food and auditing what is party and -- is very generous of you who I'm I'm so why did that yeah I talked and got it. And see the palace you know with revealed -- -- arguably -- -- we can fly to share. Let's do -- -- over here seventeenth of migrant and around yeah I was saint patty's day ever listen to talk more about the parties the -- on different cities and yet that's why you're here is an expert I. I I am a bit I guess I have yet so we are one week away not even from Saint Patrick's Day -- -- -- -- -- crossed my. The best of the best bar I'm -- pick -- and -- to you. Personally except New York right here in an -- -- -- million people that come out to -- -- sprayed -- that you realize how big that is on more than most populations. Other cities across the country 250. People -- -- 50000 people actually in the prayed and you guys actually march. I don't know if you -- -- but there's a rule that you guys aren't allowed to have. Wheels are floats or anything like -- New York is one of the few places that just marks and and one of the few places that actually throw it on Monday the seventeenth that -- the -- over the weekend sporadic as you know -- also said he was shot to -- they say that's the most -- city in the world 61 out of five people are actually from British descent. That's 20% that's totally huge. -- actually invented -- got to -- -- you -- get that would be a great place to go. And it goes -- South Boston which is actually the most. Irish you know our district of the place very call. And then. Have to give a shout out to see how well -- -- hello my -- -- Because we have to -- -- he had. There we got a hold the whole river Green River. I mean you don't wake up in the morning 9 AM we -- the whole river green it's so awesome that even First Lady Michelle Obama has now started to die. The fountain at the White House green. That we have a parade. Our grand Marshal is the CEO and president of there's the White House. We've been doing that since 20091 -- -- to keep that after Obama is gone but. That is inspired by the Chicago greening of the river and you one more city yes final city to get final city -- -- shout out. As far as west of the Mississippi San Francisco has indeed that's. Com they've actually had a lot of Irish -- in -- Cisco. And have -- friends kid friendly events. They also -- festivals and all the -- to bomb -- parties around the city so it's a little bit scattered -- spread out a little different in seventy degrees. Which is totally different not -- medicines -- -- you know people were shorts when -- thirty. -- and I love it when Donna and saint patty's day and that's a yes. Tell OK -- twist all cleaned up one more projects needed to get anything out how to talk about Chicago that yes Robert Redford produced for the eight hour -- series of -- diamond. It actually started Thursday this Thursday you'll see me introduced taking people through the culinary arts and entertainment -- through Chicago follows mayor Rahm Emanuel. An amazing principal on the south side and really tough gang infested neighborhood. Turning her high school around for Chicago public school students. It's really wonderful story about all of the pluses positives and all the challenges that the mayor takes on an attacks. Alongside city leaders the government. We were just hugely. Vested and and hugely passionate about making the city better. And what's really excited about is not only is it a great detailed story about Chicago but it reflects what a lot of cities are the going through across the country -- every big city goes through. A lot of you know challenges with public education. Budgets. Games you name it it's all addressed in this -- -- -- a lot of negatives and positives and I think it's great American story. -- I think you think -- might.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Billy Dec discusses which cities have the best St. Paddy's festivities on \"GMA Live.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22861326","title":"The Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day","url":"/GMA/video/st-patricks-day-2014-best-cities-celebrate-22861326"}