Stanley Tucci Has Fun Playing 'British Baddie'

"Hunger Games" actor discusses playing Roderick in "Jack the Giant Slayer."
4:00 | 02/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stanley Tucci Has Fun Playing 'British Baddie'
We're back, now, with stanley tucci, starring in the brand-new movie "jack and the giant slayer." A surprising twist on a classic tale. So delighted to have you with us on this oscar celebratory day. Yeah. As a nominee, this is an exciting week, I would imagine. It is. It is. It's very exciting. Not for me because I wasn't nominated this year. But thanks for bringing it up. "Lovely bones," everybody. My favorite movie of all-time. In these last few days, what's it like for the nominees? It's thrilling. You know, the hollywood award season kind of goes on forever. It's really tiring. But it's really -- it's actually really, really fun. It's really fun. I want to talk to you about "jack and the giant slayer." This is a modern take on the classic tale. For one, there's more than one giant. Many giants. Big, incredibly-designed giants. And big, you are not. But you're a bad, bad guy. You play roderick. I want to show everybody a clip. I believe in this, you're trying to rescue the princess from the giants. But you have a bit of an agenda. I have an agenda. Well put. Let's take a look. Well done, roderick. Have them released at once. I'm talking to giants now. By the way, darling, the wedding's off. So, visitors, I bring you the gift of freedom. Tonight, we feast. But tomorrow, we shall return below, with me as your new king. Josh sort of sounded like you. You have said about the role -- I always look to him for -- well, you guys, I know you study together. Creative inspiration. The character roderick, in this film, you said, if you are not booing roderick, I have not done this job. How much fun was it to play this bad guy? It was great fun. I got to wear a wig, which is always fun. Fake teeth. Always fun. And a cheap british accent. It was great. Good times had by all. You are also coming up on two other huge films. "The hunger games," the next installment. And also, "the percy jackson series." That's right. I only do big movies now. That's it. We understand. We, tos actors, only do big movies. And we're so taken by your performance in "the hunger games," we want you to see our version. A very important scene. Really? Yeah. We have some "b" roll of this. Jimmy kimmel is playing you in there. Oh, my gosh. There's josh, again. On fire. I'm actually hot. I don't know how to respond to that. That's amazing. Can I have a copy of it? Yes. We will. "Jack and the giant slayer" let's get back to this. My kids will love you. What draws you to the bad guys? If they're well-written, it's really, really fun to do. And the thing is, he has a sense of humor, a very dry wit. And that's attractive to play. And I never played the british baddy before. This goes back to the films with errol flynn and bazle wrathbone playing the sheriff. It's very funny. And you kind of the show. Oh. Thank you very much. That's me saying that. I always like to. Thank you. Everybody, we thank you, stanley, for being with us on our tribute to all things oscar. Please do check out "jack the giant slayer." IT OPENS NEXT FRIDAY, MARCH 1st. And we will see you soon. Come back in costume. I will.

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{"id":18556392,"title":"Stanley Tucci Has Fun Playing 'British Baddie'","duration":"4:00","description":"\"Hunger Games\" actor discusses playing Roderick in \"Jack the Giant Slayer.\"","url":"/GMA/video/stanley-tucci-interview-jack-giant-slayer-star-fun-18556392","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}