Star Stylist Reveals Her Red Carpet Essentials

From tape to sponges, celebrity stylist Karla Welch shares what you need in a fashion emergency bag.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Star Stylist Reveals Her Red Carpet Essentials
-- -- -- -- -- These days some time. Carpet winners and losers are also crown. Here this sort of make or break time. My whole life to directors and watching alone wouldn't and other people address contained her -- You -- absolutely. -- -- failed couldn't hurt more than feelings because you really -- who could forget shares Mohawk school. York's blue dress. But that was before the rise of the celebrity stylist. You've become stars themselves. Written about in this month's Vanity Fair. Ten years against people who are celebrities -- to -- -- parties with. Perhaps a publicist now with a plus one is the -- asked the stylist is really the most important person in on tries. Image is power in Hollywood. In two of the biggest celebrity stylist -- -- Martin and Karla Welch pulled back the curtain and that secret room for a -- -- He's the Oscar dresses and -- Afghan allies. This thing must wait ten pound at least when do you think we'll see this government -- in nineteen might. Now here's the thing. Nobody can just buying one of these dresses they are one of the kind. I guess you'd say good luck if you think it's easy to get the drugs -- -- black exactly. Than an hour at me and the wildly expensive. They -- -- to -- 100000 dollars this could be a present distress or winners stressed out Zealanders just Fisher. One the to the 19 months of negotiations. Strategizing. And sounds. In sharp elbows it's certainly requires hit the pavement and lots and lots of fashion shows. And that's been the stylus comes in -- the person in charge of making sure that the star is runway ready for a head to tell us. And an incredible. Well anyone who called themselves -- stylist at the tippy top -- only about twenty matter. Leslie FEMA was chosen that there -- to the -- by the Hollywood reporter. She's always in the front room -- everybody -- -- every right. Only one person -- the -- It helps when you have clients like she does women known put their style. Julianne Moore Charlize Cameron and -- Witherspoon. Jennifer -- and Scarlett Johansson. So it's -- Dark cloud in the out of your client. They want to see in the club and the events and how much -- on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- She got her start -- Ana winds were consistent. Memorialized in the double winners product. -- assignment I TT could tell us your incompetence did not anticipate and are sticking yes Michael correspondent. -- drop me off at 930 and 5945. Shocked. Go right game day and when Leslie took me to the real Michael -- show -- loss was just a few feet away. They kind of perceive her as this -- yeah. -- -- humans aren't did not seem to fight. She's just very professional and gets it done -- are now has around small empire back at her home studio she shows us some of the designs for clients have -- This is actually addressed -- Christian -- me. For -- leaves for the -- world news this is no -- John Galliano. Present to your which was based office floral inspiration. Got mixed reviews that I really loved it. In fact this dress was largely pinned aren't -- as an -- on the -- Julian. -- -- That's not very nice to hear -- Joan Rivers is a comedian she's not a fashion -- so you have to take those things that agreements I'll. OK so when you hear that it's been less than a 100% successful. What do you do you caller then yeah you caller -- saying it. Are you okay and from -- -- from buying them back and it's been on my terms can be you know homer. Which is to issue this is against militia leaves for the Oscars it looks at Indian fifty. So it's a few days a waiting on me until -- yeah I assumed addresses may need at this polite yeah I went missing. It's being made it probably as we speak. Someone is selling some -- more than someone a lot of people -- a look yeah I. -- mindful of meanwhile in Los Angeles Karla Welch is getting to stores ready for the big night on Sunday she's known for putting Justin Bieber in those drop -- pants. Other clients. So edition now Amy Poehler and -- lives. So can you tell me who you're asking for the Oscar. Now what if one -- very. Top secret. I thought it. Would this does -- -- -- -- people wanted this -- yeah. And it's nerve racking -- cat is -- awards season is like the flu it goes. On an -- on an on and on yeah. -- -- awards she -- who blanked buffalo yak it goes number ever. Of course it's not just Oscar season. Stylists are busy year round whenever major star -- on the road to promote a movie it means she'll need dozens and dozens of -- You put a star an address that someone had once warned. The proposed the had a -- being dramatic. -- -- -- Wondering if what an actress wears in the red carpet really makes a difference consider -- -- new young -- Nominated this year is best supporting actress for her stellar performance in twelve years as slaves -- -- don't even let me know and so fifteen -- Somebody like believed she had young this year is credibly beautiful incredibly hot actress nobody has really known before her talent -- nominated letters style has launched her into a whole new level. But fame. You might get a role as a result of someone telling -- that red Dresser that agreeing absolutely. 100%. While it's a lot of pressure yeah sure by its -- -- never have manners how can you. Locking down the red --

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{"id":22716278,"title":"Star Stylist Reveals Her Red Carpet Essentials","duration":"3:00","description":"From tape to sponges, celebrity stylist Karla Welch shares what you need in a fashion emergency bag.","url":"/GMA/video/star-stylist-reveals-red-carpet-essentials-22716278","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}