'Star Wars' augmented reality game debuts

Mike Goslin, one of the designers of "Star Wars Jedi Challenges," a smartphone-powered augmented reality experience, dishes on the new game.
1:50 | 11/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Star Wars' augmented reality game debuts
All right, you know ha that music means. "Star wars," that movie galaxy far, far away is getting closer by the moment. And now it's in your living room thanks to "Star wars" jedi challenges, what's that I've got, an augmented reality headset and I'm here with Mike Goslin, the vp of advanced development at Disney and Tate who is already deep into a jedi challenge. That's right. Not just lunging around for the fun of it. I'm going to put this on but I want you to tart telling us about it. People see this and say, wait a minute. This can be in my living room. Everybody at home is going to be seeing what Tate and I are seeing but this is our chance to be a jedi master. Right, so this is for the first time you can have your own lightsaber and battle your own villains from the "Star wars" universe. Step over here. I got to get in place. All right. So -- It's not just that you get to be -- oh, my goodness. I've got somebody coming at me and I'm blocking him. Yes. But the whole slew of villain, right. You get to fight against all your favorite villains. You're taking on darth maul right now but this is great because you're in your own room and you can see your friends and see -- ooh. It's in my world, that's the difference. Not virtual. It's not a different world. That's right, mister. You. I think I'm tickling him. I don't know that I'm doing the right thing. I think Tate is probably better to watch but this is so much fun and everybody has a chance to get this as we get into the holiday season. There's a lot more to do other than fighting. We have strategy games and, you know, there is a whole lot of content. Well I'm already winded so apparently it's great exercise. I think everybody should do it. This great experience hits stores today so go to the "Star wars" jedi challenges website. I'm going to put it BAC Kelly Ann: Temperatures right

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{"id":50901085,"title":"'Star Wars' augmented reality game debuts","duration":"1:50","description":"Mike Goslin, one of the designers of \"Star Wars Jedi Challenges,\" a smartphone-powered augmented reality experience, dishes on the new game.","url":"/GMA/video/star-wars-augmented-reality-game-debuts-gma-50901085","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}